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#generationE – London Business School is empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

#generationE – London Business School is empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

by Daria DanilinaFebruary 3, 2016

balloonSummary: February 19, 2016 | #generationE | Technology, Media, Entrepreneurship | Buy Tickets Here

Don’t miss your chance to learn from Europe’s most innovative entrepreneurs and investors. Engage with the thought-leaders shaping tomorrow’s technology and media landscape. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs at the heart of London.

London Business School has long been a hotbed of entrepreneurial endeavour and we’re on a mission to inspire the next generation of dreamers and disruptors.   With our strong legacy in finance, strategy and new venture development, global alumni network and vibrant student community, London Business School is poised to ignite the conversation around technology, media and entrepreneurship.

Our inaugural #generationE conference will unite the best of London’s technology and entrepreneurship community for a day of unrivalled thought-leadership, pitch-competitions and envisioning the future. Together we’ll be exploring topics such as:

  • What is Blitzscalig and how can European start-ups expand beyond their home markets?
  • Why is company culture important and how can you set your company on the right path to become the next Google or Uber?
  • Why is London the ideal place to start if your goal is to reach a billion people?
  • What are the challenges of educating the next generation of entrepreneurs?
  • What are the most surprising lessons learned from starting a venture fund?

These and many other questions will be discussed on February 19th at the flagship Entrepreneurship, Tech and Media Summit hosted by London Business School at the London’s Most Central Venue. You’ll get to hear from Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen of Balderton Capital, Frank Meehan, founder of SparkLabsGlobal and, more recently SmartUp, and Hussein Kanji of Hoxton Square Ventures, among other speakers.

Tickets are only £50.00 per attendee and the first 10 VentureBreak readers to sign up get a discount using the “Venturebreak” promocode.

Buy tickets here!

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Daria Danilina
Daria Danilina
Daria Danilina, London Business School MBA Class of 2017 Daria started her career in capital markets, but soon found that her real passion was innovation and technology. Prior to starting the MBA at London Business School she was part of the early team at Dropbox, building out and scaling the company’s presence in Europe. These days, you will find Daria at hackathons, conferences, and many other start-up events in London as well as preparing for her next marathon in Regent’s Park.