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Helpful Tips on Safeguarding Your Company’s Network

Helpful Tips on Safeguarding Your Company’s Network

by Guest AuthorMarch 8, 2016

For many modern businesses, having a network dedicated to their business is an important part of how they do business around the world. Regardless of the type of network you are using, making sure that you have it completely secured should be high on your list of priorities. If your company uses MPLS for its networking, then you need to speak with VPN service providers about the safeguards that they can offer you. The following are a few things you can implement to keep your sensitive data protected online.

Be Wary of Embedded Links

Many people have the misconception that emails that come from banks and other financial institutions must be legitimate and safe. In most cases, any information that you or your employees receive from financial institutions via email are unsafe and generally fraudulent. Be sure to let your employees know that any embedded links in emails from banks or financial institutions should not be opened due to the level of danger involved. Most cyber criminals get their information by phishing through emails such as these and they can find out a lot of sensitive information if your network is not fully protected like it should be.

Check for Updates

Another very important thing to do in order to keep your network safe from cyber criminals is to regularly update anti-virus and browser software. In most cases, the creators of browser software will put helpful patches and protection packets in their updates, which can help to keep you protected while browsing the internet. A strong anti-virus program can help to reduce and eliminate the threat of harmful viruses to your computer. In most cases, a virus is created to gain information on an individual or company, which is why it is so important to have up to date and effective spyware and malware programs.

Regularly Change Passwords

You should implement a policy for all employees and staff that requires them to change their passwords every couple of weeks. This will help to reduce the amount of information that a cyber-criminal can gain when they are phishing for information. Neglecting to change your passwords on a regular basis will leave you and your company vulnerable to a cyber-attack. The more precautions that you regarding the security of your business network, the better protected you will be from having sensitive information stolen by a cyber-criminal.

The more security you are able to implement on your network, the easier you will find it to avoid serious issues. The last thing any business owner wants is to have their sensitive information compromised due to a lock of security.

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