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5 Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Passion into a Business

5 Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Passion into a Business

by Guest AuthorMarch 15, 2016

We’ve all said it to ourselves after a particularly hard week at work – what if you could turn your favorite hobby or passion into a successful business? Well, it seems that not everyone leaves this idea as a dream as several countries are seeing a new breed of entrepreneur making money from their favorite hobbies. If the idea alone wasn’t inspiration enough, here are five entrepreneurs who have done just that – in fact some have even become millionaires:

1: Patti Stanger

Stanger is an entrepreneur passionate about finding love for those around her, a passion that she turned into a net worth of $4.5 million. Creator and owner of the Millionaire’s Club in Beverley Hills, where the wealthy are matched with compatible dates, Stanger turned her successful business into an even more successful reality television show on Bravo. Despite the show being cancelled last year the businesswoman is still highly successful with various top selling match-making books and an advice blog. She has also recently announced her return to television.

2: Josh Shipp

During school Josh Shipp would often be asked to leave his classes because he loved talking so much – what better career to choose then than that of motivational speaking? Founder of Hey Josh, Shipp’s business is aimed at helping both adults understand teenagers and teenagers understand themselves, a lot of which is based on his own experiences. The entrepreneur is also an author and TV host.

3: Rob Yong

For many, poker is a serious hobby where you can let off some steam after work, but for Rob Yong this entrepreneur turned his passion for the card game into a business. Yong, who is founder of the hugely popular From Dusk Till Dawn poker club, who is quoted as saying “anything less than complete success is unacceptable”, has successfully turned his hobby into a fully-fledged business. The English entrepreneur also owns several pubs and properties.

4: Kim Lavine

What started out as crafting passion that led her to create microwaveable pillows as presents for her kid’s teachers turned into a successful business for mother Kim Lavine. After her husband lost his job in 2002 she took her home crafts to the next level by selling them – and in just 8 weeks she had sales of over $225,000. Her pillows are now stocked all over the world and Lavine, who is also top-selling author, has made millions.

5: Octavian Morosan aka Kripp

One of the new breed of entrepreneurs emerging are gaming streamers who use platforms like Twitch to live stream as they play games for viewers. Now some of these players do it just as a hobby, but for Canada’s Kripp, his Twitch streaming now earns him a very comfortable full-time wage. Estimated to earn upwards of $6k a month for streaming games such as Hearthstone, Kripp makes most of his money from ad revenue and merchandise sales with thousands of people a day tuning in to hear his advice on how to play better.

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