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Early Metrics is ready to rate UK startups

Early Metrics is ready to rate UK startups

by Fintech TimesApril 6, 2016

Early Metrics have opened their doors for UK startups and investors. Ready to meet the new kids on the block? 


Early Metrics is one of the most innovative companies on the market. Launched in France in May 2014, it is the first rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs that aims at measuring their potential. Analysing startups free of charge, Early Metrics has been well-received by founders and CEOs – so much that already 500 companies have been studied and rated. With an international outlook, the company is eager to grow and expand its activities; already present in London, Early Metrics will open new offices in Germany or Israel by the end of 2016.

How do they do it?
Early Metrics is composed by a team of dedicated analysts that assess the value of a startup and determine its potential with the help of a unique rating methodology. The innovative scoring matrix used by the company considers numerous factors: from the management to the consistency of financial forecasts.

Early Metrics is a perfect resource for both startups and investors. Each startup analysed gets a concisely designed summary, which can be used in their pitch decks, and serves as a roadmap showing where improvement is needed. Being analysed by Early Metrics helps startups to define ways to grow and validate their products to a point when they will be seen as investment ready. And the best thing is that is free of charge.

For investors and corporates, Early Metrics provides an insightful investigation into the viability of a potential investment opportunity/partner, and provides access to validated and proven opportunities. Some credentials: Visa, HSBC, Orange, Accenture alongside private and institutional investors.

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