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Repairly: phone and tablet repairs that come to you

Repairly: phone and tablet repairs that come to you

by Disrupts MagazineMay 5, 2016

This is that moment. That moment when your phone has a nervous breakdown and decides to leave you alone. That moment when you realise you have to find someone who can repair it. That moment when you realise you’re freaking busy but you have to take your afternoon to go to Whitechapel or further to repair your phone. That moment. When you realise how annoyed you are… 

But wait, there’s some good news, and it’s called Repairly

Founded by two cool Uni classmates, Fraser Williams and Tom Young, this ‘white glove’ sexy and cool service comes to you to pick up your phone-tablet-laptop and bring it back within two hours, all brand new. The idea behind it is simple: make people stop to throw away things by being super lazy and repair instead. 

Partnered with Virgin Media and Techstars, the duo launched their service in Newcastle in 2015 and are operating in London zone 1 offering their clients an epic experience by being energetic, friendly and extremely professional.

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Repairly Team

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