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Making Roads Safer and smarter

Making Roads Safer and smarter

by Disrupts MagazineMay 17, 2016

Let’s face it, the streets of London can be a nightmare. Whichever vehicle you are driving, every day you have to face the traffic, the dangers and the regulations imposed. You can’t change them entirely – London wouldn’t be London without its screaming cabbies – but brilliant ideas like those of Fusion Processing and PIE Mapping could drastically improve the safety of road users.

Cycle Eye is Fusion Processing’s answer to the 14 cyclists killed on average every year in London by trucks or buses. It’s a small device that uses radar and a low light camera to identify cyclists close to the vehicle. Once attached to the side of the truck or bus, it provides a warning alert to the driver “Cyclist left!”. The product also sends GPS incident information back to a central location via 3G/4G, providing data for city management. Cool.

PIE Mapping was born to immediately improve the life of its own creator, frustrated by the lack of information on parking spaces. Since 2002, the company has mapped UK cities and created software and platforms that enable lorry and HGV drivers to plan their routes in advance – to avoid the traffic and to comply with rules and restrictions set out by city councils. PIE Mapping sorted out the route planning for the London Olympic Games. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if it was left to chance? From a safety perspective, they also plan HGV routes which optimise journeys whilst minimising left turns, one of the most common reasons for collisions and fatalities. Clever stuff.

At present, a small fleet of Cycle Eye has been adopted by First Bus, the UK’s largest bus company, for an extended trial. And PIE Mapping, whilst providing increased safety solutions as part of their portfolio, is primarily racing ahead with major advancements in logistics software, enabling internet companies to have end to end visibility of every delivery, whilst coordinating the best route to minimise road miles. It’s a mind bogglingly complex task, made to look easy peasy.

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