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Paper receipts are dead. BillHive has arrived.

Paper receipts are dead. BillHive has arrived.

by Disrupts MagazineMay 24, 2016

BillHive is an app which ensures you never lose a paper receipt again. It allows users to store their receipts directly into their phone at the moment of purchase.  This removes the need to take a picture of the paper receipt or dig through your emails, or more likely junk mail, for the proof of the purchases you’ve made. 

Through the ‘Hive’, which acts as the central repository for receipts customers can access all of their receipts and share them with employers (along with friends and family), thereby aiding the uphill battle with expense reports, while receiving up to date analytics on their spending habits.   

For retailers the benefits include unprecedented marketing capabilities and further insight into customers spending habits. Live banners, and targeted marketing initiatives ensure that the retailer’s brand is at the forefront of the customers mind every time they open the app.  

BillHive is disruptive in two ways. We’re changing the way transactions are done by ensuring that the entire process is paperless. Riding the recent plastic bag reduction wave, we want the City of London to be the first truly paperless capital.  

Our co-founder, Simone Fattouche, began this start-up alongside Senior Software Developer, Paulo Favinha, while completing her LLB at Queen Mary.  Simone is seeking to disrupt this primarily male driven tech industry by being an example to other young female tech entrepreneurs.   


Stay tuned for our launch on Shopify, and check us out at  

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