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Buddy: The companion robot accessible to everyone

Buddy: The companion robot accessible to everyone

by Disrupts MagazineMay 28, 2016

From day one, our goal was to develop affordable, advanced robotics technologies with a purpose: enable richer interactions with loved ones and the world, and enhance quality of life at all ages and in everyday situations. 

That’s how Buddy came alive. This little guy protects your home, entertains all the family, serves as a smart home monitor and helps you stay connected with the ones you love. Also at school, he introduces the world of digital technology to children in a fun & engaging learning process.

Buddy is also ideally suited for seniors and less mobile people who will not only benefit from its companionship, but also from the robot’s ability to help with day-to-day activities. 

In addition to being a companion robot, the smiling face is also a modular platform that can be infinitely built upon and expanded with accessories. With endless possibilities thanks to his open source platform based on android and powered by Unity3D, developers across the world can easily collaborate to build hardware and software for it.

The key driver for Buddy’s early success is the fact that we have succeeded in developing a simple, reliable, open source, mass market product that can easily evolve. We have already crossed one of the steepest hurdles of building a companion robot: getting people to feel comfortable around it, which is clearly a major selling point for a robot that’s meant to live with the family.

Indeed, we have seen an incredible reception and great demand for Buddy since his introduction last summer on Indiegogo and we have recently opened a pre-sale, to enable consumers to buy him now at a discounted price.

By Blue Frog Robotics.

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