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Fintech Buzz at Buzzacott

Fintech Buzz at Buzzacott

by Fintech TimesJune 24, 2016

Buzzacott, the UK’s largest single office accountancy practice, just hosted a particularly engaging event.

It saw a wide spread of attendees and debated topics. The conversation included the origins of fintech, the variations between the US and the UK fintech sectors, (surprisingly little crossover), the practical applications of blockchain, and the legalities of it, (still very much unformalised).

Other sub sectors of the all-embracing fintech label that got buzzed about were proptech, insure tech, equity crowdfunding, robo advisory services, the Chinese, and the probable future crash of at least one p2p platform and the implications of it when it happens.

The final word before time was called was the DAO. Not heard of the DAO? Distributed Autonomous Organisation. What’s that? A new kind of decentralised entity, a leaderless organisation, a ‘company’ structure that exists only as code. The DAO is an Ethereum blockchain brain-child, predictably, no one knows exactly who created it or where it came from. Blockchain loves esoterics, DAO is of course how one pronounces TAO, the Chinese philosophical/spiritual ‘non-system’ that translates as The Way. The way to what? The rise of Robo CEOs?

We’ll leave you with that comforting thought.

If you want to know more about Buzzacott, their upcoming events or DAO, contact [email protected]

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