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by Disrupts MagazineJuly 23, 2016

Can you describe Hiroes in few words? What’s your mission?
Hiroes is a marketplace that connects individuals or small businesses with talented independents and unusual venues to organise creative and affordable events, in an easy way. Our goal is to tackle the event-planning industry which is still very much offline and unaffordable for many people. We also want to give a chance to talented amateurs or professionals starting in the business to demonstrate their talent and build themselves a clientele by doing what they love. 

Would you qualify your business as disruptive? If yes, why?
Our idea is not just a platform like any other. We want to create new niche of service providers and to change the way people organise events, taking their stress away. Our high level objective is to increase the frequency at which people party as it becomes easier, more affordable and fun!

How’s it to be an entrepreneur?
We believe that being a successful entrepreneur has a lot to do with time management. May it be managing different tasks for work or balancing the work life and private life, it can be hard at times. If we had the chance to change something about it, we would have taken time management classes! We are sure that with a better management, we would have got some things done way faster! But we learned the hard way, by making mistakes and now we became better at it, which we hope will lead us to success! 

What’s going on for the business in 2016?
Our very next step is to set-up in London. We also plan to finalize our platform very soon and to continue to unearth the best talents available! These milestones are planned to help people to the best of our ability to organise many amazing events. Simply put, in 2016 and the years to come, we want to make people party!

Salomé Houta & Raphael Scemama
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