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Early Metrics: Study Case

Early Metrics: Study Case

by Disrupts MagazineAugust 9, 2016

Early Metrics is the first rating agency for startups that aims to identify and rate young innovative ventures, providing the analytical report to its clients which are global corporations, investment funds and banks.

Rating is free of charge for startups and based on financial and non-financial metrics: management, project and market.

Study Case: MISHIPAY 

early metricsLaunched in 2015, Mishipay has developed an innovative retail payment  technology to transform the retail store experience and maximise in-store  process efficiency.

The app integrates POS, inventory and security systems and uses RFID tags. Partnered with Cisco, Mishipay has managed an almost  immediate implementation on the market.

Mishipay’s main challenges in the short term are finding strategic partners  and setting up supply chain processes. In the long run, it will need to see  if large retailers, while increasingly interested in in-store  digitalisation, will adopt RFID tags as a standardised solution.


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Sarah Noeckel: Venture Capital Analyst.

Sarah Noeckel: Venture Capital Analyst at Early Metrics.

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