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Fashion Mind

by Disrupts MagazineAugust 30, 2016

Fashion is all about experimenting with ideas and the creation of new trends and being a student at London College of Fashion allowed me to study and work at the same time. 

Working in retail broadened my understanding of fashion trends and customers’ behaviour and I was lucky enough to partake in internships, which allowed me to see the processes and challenges incurred as a fashion designer. 

To develop my collection, ‘Vaulted’, I looked into Gothic architecture and incorporated it into my designs. My objective for this line was to challenge normal clothing and produce pieces that would stand out from the ordinary apparel. I also wanted the line to evoke female empowerment and increase confidence, as women in the Renaissance period were living in a patriarchal society. 

Most of the silhouettes I created were inspired by vaulted ceilings and window frames. The prints I used were heavily inspired by stained glass windows. As the fashion industry is notorious for wasting product, an important factor of the clothing line was that organic materials were used where possible. Techniques such as engineered printing and fabric bonding were used to achieve the texture of the brickwork and stained glass. Instead of using screen printing, I used digital printing instead, to make the sampling and printing process more precise and less wasteful. 

The collection is also intended to be produced in small quantities, unlike conventional fashion lines.


photography © Karolina Krasauskyte

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