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Online Marketing for Your Law Firm: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Online Marketing for Your Law Firm: Common Mistakes to Avoid

by Guest AuthorSeptember 5, 2016

Altogether too many professionals think that online marketing is this simple method of seeking and selling to their target markets without paying proper attention to what it takes to reach that target audience. How you would market to boomers in need of senior housing would take a totally different approach to seniors seeking low cost housing. Yes, the generation is correct but the audience within that generation is totally different and as such, requires a totally different approach. When marketing for your law firm, there are ways to make effective use of the Internet and there are common mistakes which should be avoided at all costs. Here are some of the most common mistakes to be aware of when devising your online marketing strategy.

Overuse of Legal Jargon

The very most common mistake that many attorneys make is to write content that is totally above the comprehension of the average reader. If someone had the knowledge and expertise to understand the intricacies of law and how it pertains to them, they wouldn’t be looking for legal representation, would they? When blogging or writing web content, write in terms that the average lay person can easily understand. Don’t use those archaic Latin legal terms.

Keep your language simple and to the point. Expert Legal content marketing professionals advise you to only write in a format that describes what it is you do without using those words that took you many, many years to understand yourself.

Inadequate Business Pages and Profiles

Are you using Google+? If not, you are making a huge mistake. Google is not only the number one search engine in the world but also one of the top rated social networks in the world. Not only will you develop an online presence with Google+ but you will also have a complete contact page that doesn’t require anyone to go to your site to weed through pages to find information on where you are located.

Location, Location, Location!

Actually, this brings up another key point. Don’t forget to add your local information to every piece of content you write or have written for you. Make it easy for potential clients to find you but even more importantly, those location keywords are vital to success with the search engines. People looking for attorneys will most often type in the type of legal counsel they need along with their city or county and if you’ve included that in your content the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) will love you!

Absence of Social Media Engagement

Then there’s social media. Today’s consumer wants to be engaged and what better way is there than through social media where you can interact with them on a more personal level? This is one of the quickest ways to build an audience of followers who get to ‘know’ you before they contact your secretary to set up an initial consultation. Trust is imperative but never more so than in the legal field where you will be privy to all sorts of private information that your clients will be trusting you with. Unless you build relationships through social media you may be missing out on a significant portion of your potential market.

Each and every industry requires certain strategies when marketing online, but the legal profession has its own set of obstacles to overcome. Trust is huge as is the ability of the average reader to understand what you are saying. If they need a legal representative for a specific need, it is vital that you explain what you can do for them in words they can understand. Avoid these common mistakes when marketing online and you will see just how effective internet marketing for law firms can be.

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