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5 Questions Everybody Should Ask Before They Join an Online MBA Program

5 Questions Everybody Should Ask Before They Join an Online MBA Program

by Guest AuthorOctober 25, 2016

If you have a busy work schedule or a young family to take care of, you may not have enough time for an on-campus degree program. An online masters in business administration program from Washington State University enables you to balance between your responsibilities and career development.

However, online degree programs are not equal. The quality of the degree you attain at the end of the program depends on your choice of institution. This choice can be hard to make because all institutions give similar curriculum and promise high-quality degrees. You must ask the right questions before enrolling for an online program to graduate with a quality degree. Here are some basic questions that everybody must ask.

Is the Institution Accredited?

One of the most important considerations before starting an online MBA is the credibility of the institutions. Find out if the relevant authorities have accredited an institution to offer degree programs. You are guaranteed of a quality degree from accredited institutions. Such institutions have all the required resources and set high standards for their education programs.

What is the Weekly Schedule for the Online Degree?

You may be considering an online degree because of its flexibility. The class schedule should be compatible with your work schedule. Sometimes online program requires students to commit more hours to study than on-campus programs do. If you are comparing the two options, the number of hours should guide you in making the right decisions based on your work or family schedule.

What Technology Does the Institution Use?

Information technology enables institutions to offer masters in business administration online. The type of technology that a school has invested in determines the nature of interactions between students and tutors. Your institution of choice should have quality programs and advanced communication technology to create a good learning environment.

How Different Is the Online Program from the On-Campus Program?

Will you graduate with the same degree as other students pursuing an on-campus MBA program? Will you have access to the same learning resources as full-time students? Such questions will help you choose between an on-campus and online degree programs. Most of the accredited institutions apply the same academic standards to their online and on-campus programs. However, do not assume that all institutions follow this trend. Ask questions before you decide to enroll for an online MBA.

Will You Have an Opportunity to Interact with Other Students and Tutors?

Technology allows you to learn as much as you can from your tutors online and access resources. However, you also acquire knowledge by interacting with other students pursuing an online masters in business administration degree. Consider enrolling in a school whose learning technology enables interactions among students and with faculty members. The best institutions include their online students in their exchange programs.


A busy schedule should not stop you from pursuing master’s degree in business administration. You can attain your MBA online. However, you must do a thorough background check before enrolling in any institution to get a quality degree. Ask all the relevant questions about the online program including the communication technology, weekly schedule, and possibility of interactions among students. Ensure that the institution is accredited and has same standards for on-campus and online degree programs.

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