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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Customer Service Department

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Customer Service Department

by Guest AuthorNovember 14, 2016

As your company grows, so too will your client base. For some, this may mean that your customers are no longer local, but global. With this increase you will find more pressure to make the necessary improvements to customer service.

In order to remain a competitor in the global market your clients need to know that they are able to contact you at any time, regardless of which time-zone they might reside in. As such, you may now be considering outsourcing a customer call centre to provide your clients with the customer service that they require. See below for the key pros and cons of taking this big decision for your company.

PRO: Lowers the Cost

Starting up your own call centre requires an enormous amount of capital to buy in the staff, technology and training for your centre. By outsourcing, these expenses are already in place meaning that you can invest your money in other areas of your business. Low cost is generally the number one reason that businesses opt for outsourcing a contact centre.

CON: Centre Operatives Will Lack Specific Knowledge

Without a firm understanding of your company, outsourced operatives may not be able to answer your clients’ questions as fully as you might expect. You could, of course, train these operatives, but this will elevate your costs considerably. Without a full understanding of your brand, quality of service may diminish and customers will see this as a reflection on your company, so it is essential that you have a contact centre quality management system in place.

PRO: Highly Trained Operatives

What they might lack in specific brand knowledge they generally make up for in understanding the fundamentals of handling customers and, if required, breaking down key information for customers who might not fully understand a particular aspect of your company’s business.

CON: Language Barriers

When you outsource from another country, communication breakdown between operative and customer can be problematic. If the outsourcing company is not providing relevant training or taking little care over who they employ it can lead to dissatisfied customers. If you decide to outsource you need to know what steps they are taking to break down the language barriers between operative and client.

PRO: Continual Support

With most call centres working on a 24/7 basis it means that your customers are able to receive help whenever they need it, thus cutting out concerns about operating hours if you are in a different time zone.

CON: Privacy and Security

The privacy of your client should be paramount on your list of priorities. When you outsource your calls you could increase the risk of working with a company that does not always monitor its operatives calls, whereas if you were running your call centres in-house you would have all the necessary monitoring in place and be confident in your customer’s’ protection.

Overall, the pros and cons for outsourcing call centres are split fairly evenly. It comes down to a matter of cost vs. quality of service provided. There are some excellent outsourcing companies out there who will provide you with just the type of service you need. However it is likely that even with a first-rate company some transition will have to take place.

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