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What are the Top Apps for Students?

What are the Top Apps for Students?

by Guest AuthorJanuary 23, 2017

Students have to juggle many balls at once. It’s a tough life trying to fit a hectic social life into your studies, whilst holding down a part-time job at the local pizza shop or working out at the gym. Luckily, technology can make life easier by helping you create study schedules, cram for exams, and find that textbook you need in a hurry. We love technology, so here are the best apps for students studying for an online masters in computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Organizing a Study Schedule

Your time will soon dwindle away if you are not ruthlessly organized. Most students have lectures and tutorials at odd times in the day, with no one day the same. This can make it hard to keep track of where you need to be, as well as what assignments are due. A student planner app is a smart choice for iOS and Android. The Timetable app works well on Android, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, download the Class Timetable app.

Exam Prep Apps

Exams are all part of studying for a bachelors or master’s degree. The TCY Exam Prep app for Android devices is useful if you are studying for a MBA or other business exams whereas the BenchPrep app is perfect for college students.

Record Lectures

Lectures can be long and unless you are proficient in shorthand, your notes might not cover the right points. Many students use technology to record lectures, or they ask their buddies to record the lecture if are catching a cheeky lie-in. SoundNote is a popular app for students with an iPad, as it can be used to record the audio, plus there is a notepad element where you can scribble extra notes.

Revision Apps

Revising for an online computer science masters is a lot easier if you download a revision app. The StudyBlue app uses course material to create a series of flashcards, which are fun to use and can help you work out where your weak spots are. GoConqr is another useful app. Use this one to create mind maps, quizzes, and revision timetables. You can also use the app to connect with friends and do some joint study sessions.

Alarm Clock Apps

Most students struggle to wake up in time for early morning lectures. A combination of late nights cramming for exams and a biological clock that isn’t comfortable with early mornings combine to create the nightmare scenario where you wake up and realize you are two hours late for an exam. The Alarmy: Sleep if You Can app is perfect if you struggle to wake up at a set time. There is no way anyone can sleep through this alarm.


Use the Skype app to have video chats with friends and family back home. As long as you use a Wi-Fi connection, it won’t cost you a cent.

If there are any other apps you use, let us know in the comments!

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