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Why tracking all of your online marketing efforts will save your company

Why tracking all of your online marketing efforts will save your company

by Guest AuthorJanuary 26, 2017

Do you know exactly how much your last marketing campaign cost and how much profit it made you? Do you know which of your customers are most loyal and which will be more susceptible to buy if the right offer is sent to them?


There are many sophisticated ways to track how visitors use your website and what makes them buy from you. Online technology is so advanced that you can now view very clearly the demographic for most of your sales. By doing this you can laser target your marketing so that you only spend money on targeting the customers who will actually make you a sale. Then you can cut away the additional spend and make more profit!


Tracking each marketing channel

You should be tracking every single point of contact that a customer makes to your business, whether it’s online, phone or email. Careful tracking can show you which customers visited your website before ringing you up and buying from you, showing you whether you should be putting more effort into your telesales processes, or even cutting phone sales out entirely if most visitors prefer to buy online. The truth is that without proper tracking of every sales channel and process there’s no way to know which area of your business should have more investment and which should be cut away. Use to help with your tracking.


Increasing sales without having to more customers

A common mistake that a lot of online entrepreneurs make is constantly trying to find new customers rather than getting more sales from the ones they already have. One of the reasons that Amazon do so well is because they track everything their customers do on their website. They do their best to make the website so easy to use, based on information they have gleaned from tracking visitor actions, that the Amazon site makes so many sales that they don’t know what to do with all the money.


Your business should focus on website conversion testing before going out to find lots of new customers. By getting the website converting at a very high level, when you do send a lot more visitors to the site you’ll find that you’ll make a lot more sales than if you were to just send the traffic without doing any conversion testing first.


Picking out loyal customers

When you carefully track your customers you can find out the type of person they are and their demographic. By finding out this information you can then use it to find similar customers who are most likely to buy from you and become loyal customers. New customers are always much more difficult to sell than repeat customers. Your business must focus on making repeat sales rather than only one off sales. One off sales cost more and use up a lot more time. Spend time working out who you think your perfect customer is and find out why it is they would buy from you instead of a competitor.

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