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How to Care for the Customer

How to Care for the Customer

by Guest AuthorFebruary 2, 2017

The customer is the beating heart of a company. Without them you won’t have a successful business, so it is essential you provide them with the attention they deserve, creating a customer service experience that exceeds their expectations.


Flexibility is key to exceptional customer service. Your customers will want someone waiting for them on the end of the line when they choose to make a phone call. They may want to cancel or change a delivery date to suit their lifestyle. They will want to pay a bill by text message at their leisure. You must therefore provide the availability, flexibility and systems they require to offer a simplified, dedicated service that suits their personal life and requirements from your business. Click here to get started.


No-one likes being lied to, especially not a customer. Honesty really is the best company policy. If you make a promise, you must fulfil it, or you will not get a second chance and they will head to a competitor. If you are unable to fulfil the said promise, such as a delivery date, you should apologise and provide an alternative solution. You could also provide a discount on products or services to show just how sorry you are for letting them down.


One of the most frustrating things a customer will experience is an ignored email or a phone call that just keeps ringing out. You must show your customer how much you value their business by picking up the phone, calling them back and replying to their message within 24 hours. If a customer has a problem, try to identify what’s gone wrong and find a solution to rectify it.

You also should not be afraid to ask for customer feedback to identify where you are going right or wrong. If something went wrong then they will want to tell you, so be prepared for negative responses, although you might just find you’re going right in a lot of places, but you won’t know unless you ask the questions.

Focus groups are also a great way to see how well a new product, service or marketing campaign works, so you can refine your business to continually provide the best possible product to your customers.

Reward Loyalty

The last thing you will want is for your customers to feel like you have forgotten about them. Show your previous customers just how much you value their custom by providing loyalty rewards, such VIP offers, a discount or a free gift on their birthday. An effective email marketing campaign can also be a great way to communicate with past customers, where they can take advantage of company offers before they are made available to the public.

Place yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would you want or expect from your company? Don’t be afraid to cold-call your sales team to see how they speak to the customer, or send a customer email from a different address. The more you learn about your company’s operations, the more you can identify what’s going right or wrong.

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