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10 Sales and Marketing Tips for Insurance Brokers

10 Sales and Marketing Tips for Insurance Brokers

by Fintech TimesAugust 1, 2017

This article is here to provide you with some of the ways you could improve your business. Below you will find a selection of 10 tips on sales and marketing for your insurance company. In order to grow your business, you need to know some of the best ways…

  1. Marketing Strategy

Your business must always have a marketing strategy. By having a strategy in place you are then able to identify how you can best achieve the desired result. For example, by having an insurance marketing plan you will understand how your drafted email marketing, promotional material or ___ is going to drive sales in ways that your current strategies just aren’t doing.

  1. Rewarding Referral System

A common and successful method is to put a referral system in place where your existing insured customers are able to refer their friends or family to your business. But when doing this it’s much more successful if your existing customers are encouraged by an added incentive – i.e they receive a month free.

  1. Customized Landing Pages

A simple and effective technique is to create landing pages that are completely unique depending on how the visitor has found your website. Depending on where they clicked the link in order to get to your website, send them to a landing page that follows on with the same theme that they came from. For example, if the visitor clicked on a link to your website through a special offer, then it would be a good idea to follow this through to a landing page that has this type of information on.

  1. Smartphone Video Referencing

A brilliant technique that is implemented by many known brands out there is video references. How many times have you stumbled across a few second video of a customer or someone reviewing a product or service? By allowing your existing customers to create a 10 second video it lets your customers talk to each other. Customers like to buy from trusted companies who have reviews, what better way than via video? You could host these videos across your social media platforms so that they are accessible.

  1. Understand What Your Customers Hate

Information is invaluable to your business, especially when it tells you how your customers feel about the service you are providing and what areas could do with improvement. A good way to do this is to get in contact with your existing customers shortly before their renewal or as it’s approaching. Ask your customers a few questions about what they like and don’t like about the service they are receiving and use this when you’re trying to get them to renew their insurance.

  1. Stay Connected with Your Customers

If a large portion of your existing customers are SMEs (small and medium sized businesses) then it’s beneficial to follow them on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Help from Insurers

A great strategy is to request that your insurers help you when it comes to your marketing. Your insurers can contribute and help towards what goes up on your website as well as social media platforms. Additionally, if you ensure that you are following them on their social media you could then put out the information and content that they are. You can find out more about the topic on 

  1. Relationships with Your Business

When you lose an agent and they leave your business, you could also lose business along with them. To help minimize this a good idea is to put some of your time and effort into creating an effective retention strategy, such as choosing and involving a proper insurance software. This strategy should get your customers familiar with your company. When you lose agents, keeping business should be a whole lot easier.

  1. Be Creative and Take Risks

Insurance companies make their living from covering the risks of other people, so why not follow suit and take some risks of your own. Why not carry out some marketing or sales strategies that haven’t been tried before? Never be afraid of what the outcome could be, because ultimately it could be a great success and bring in more sales. By putting inventive ideas out there can bring you a lot of new customers. You can checkout some ideas here.

  1. Team Member Recognition

Every time that a member of your staff or team does something that greatly and positively impacts your business, make sure that everyone knows about it. By giving your employees the recognition that they deserve it acts as a motivator for everyone else. Recognition and rewards create staff loyalty and a motivation to work harder.

Now that you have read through our 10 sales and marketing tips, hopefully you have discovered a few that you can put in place yourself.

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