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Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov Social Initiatives

Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov Social Initiatives

by Fintech TimesSeptember 3, 2017

This June, the Meteor Sport Complex in Dnipro, Ukraine, hosted the BestRoboFest 2017 with multiple robotics models and their creators competing for the prize. The festival featured tech performances, competitions of best robot models and drone races, among other things. During two days, Ukrainian engineering talents presented 187 robot models in front of a 10,000 audience.

Image Credit: BestRoboFest via FB

Max Polyakov, who co-founded the organization that hosted the event, Association Noosphere, expressed his content at the number of young engineering talents that joined the race and presented their own models of robots and rockets. Traditionally, the theme of the event was family-focused, so younger people could participate and try on the shoes of professional engineers for the first time.

As Max Polyakov said, 2006 was the year The Maker Faire movement began in San Mateo, California. The phenomenon inspired many events that are dedicated to engineers, tech enthusiasts and DIY in general. Max Polyakov stated, that Ukraine’s youngest talents should have the same chance to a similar platforms that would allow them to share their engineering ideas, as he believes that children who participated in BestRoboFest today will be at the top of the industry in Ukraine in the near future.”

For those who came up with an innovative project that could potentially change the industry, the Vernadsky Challenge is one to look out for. Vernadsky Challenge, created by Noosphere Ventures managing partner Max Polyakov and Head of Google Ukraine Dmitry Sholomko, is a joint competition designed for young startups. The prize of the Challenge is scientific, technological and financial support equivalent to 2 million hryvnias to boost the winner innovations.

The two events – BestRoboFest and Vernadsky Challenge – are two of the many projects that Max Polyakov has launched in recent years. Not so long ago, in early 2017, he concluded a partnership agreement with World Air Sports Federation (FAI) on behalf of Noosphere Ventures that will help FAI significantly modernize their scoring and data management tools.

The agreement was followed by a stud challenge “Best deviсe for FAI” that was organized by Association Noosphere this year in May. The teams that took part in the challenge had the task of coming up with more accurate software and hardware solution for measuring and scoring balloon competitions, which had not been very easy for the judges in previous years. Those who reached the final stage of the competition will be trying out their inventions at the upcoming FAI Ballooning Competitions.

Max Polyakov is a huge fan of space modelling and the Honorary President of Space Modelling Sport Federation of Ukraine. He has already backed up several events hosted by Association Noosphere, among which last year’s FAI World Championships of Space Models 2016. Given their outstanding results at the competitions, a group of students from Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipro, were invited to Washington D.C. and participated in the Team America Rocketry Challenge 2017 (TARC).

On top of that, Association Noosphere has also supported the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Dnipro, which was held there for the first time. This challenge is held every year and gathers scientists, engineers and artists from around the world and allows them to come up with data-driven technological solutions to help face current problems of the world.

Image Credit: Nasa Space App Challenge Dnipro via FB

In 2017, a group of space enthusiasts from Dnipro were nominated for NASA Global People’s Choice Award and got their idea heard by the international community. Spacer (name of the team) came up the Diversity project. Their aim is to create a network of real-world simulations of in-space conditions. This will help designers and engineers to create and test solutions that will ultimately improve the working conditions of the astronauts, and will also be used for educational purposes.

Inspired by Vernadsky’s concept of noosphere, Max Polyakov used the same values when lying at the core of his venture. Noosphere is all about gaining and sharing knowledge for the sake of the future generations, that is how Polyakov sees it. There is indeed no aim more noble than spreading knowledge about the universe among its inhabitants.


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  • Anna Donovan

    My son has entered the competition and he was thrilled of taking one step further into the land of robotics and engineering. It is his dream to design and be a great engineer and I think that Max Polyakov, with organizing this event, has taken him one step further!