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The Facts and Myths about Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The Facts and Myths about Fiberglass Swimming Pools

by Fintech TimesApril 26, 2018

Fiberglass is one of the most versatile of manufacturing materials today, and fiberglass products include F1 cars, airplane components, rollercoasters, speedboats, fish tanks, basketball boards, and water slides.

Roughly 12 to 15 percent of swimming pools in US homes were made from fiberglass and the number increases every year. It simply offers too many advantages to ignore.

Still, some people who has done some research on fiberglass pools may harbor some concerns. That’s because they may often encounter obsolete data regarding fiberglass swimming pools, leading them to think that some myths are still true.

Here are some misconceptions concerning fiberglass swimming pools:

  1. Fiberglass Pools are Susceptible to Floating

It is true that it’s possible for fiberglass pools to be susceptible to floating due to groundwater. But this is true for all swimming pools. It’s also true that preventing floating and damage from groundwater can be done easily. All that’s needed is the inclusion of a handful of simple measures during the installation.

The new APSP Fiberglass Council has already developed a simple 12-inch pipe that can be installed to make fiberglass pools much more secure. This will prevent your swimming pool from being susceptible to floating.

  1. The Range of Designs for Fiberglas Pools is Limited

Yes, there was a time when homeowners didn’t have many options when it came to the size, features, shapes, and colors of fiberglass pools. But technology has grown by leaps and bounds, so the versatility of fiberglass is actually well-known.

Before the colors for fiberglass pools were limited to either white or light blue, but today there’s a huge range of colors available. Fiberglass pools can come with complicated step and bench designs, swim outs, splash pads, vanishing edges, and attached spas with spillovers.

Fiberglass pools these days can look simply spectacular, and they can cost up to $200K. They’re even featured in homes with $5M price tags.

  1. They’re Not as Durable

Fiberglass is known for its lightweight and for the smooth appearance of its surfaces. That has led some to believe that it’s flimsy and not as durable as concrete pools.

The real truth is actually the opposite. It’s much more durable than vinyl or plastic. In fact, some of the earliest fiberglass pools that were installed more than 40 years ago are still working wonderfully today.

Today, these pools are even tougher. These are tough enough that they don’t need long-term maintenance every few years. Some of these pools even come with a lifetime warranty.

  1. Cobalt Staining Can Be a Problem

There was a time when some fiberglass pools had problems with blistering, and this sometimes led to dark spots. This is known as cobalt staining, and it came up during the 1980s and early 1990s. It was caused by the chemical reaction that occurred when the water got through the gel coat.

But manufacturers have already addressed this particular problem. They’ve come up with more advanced raw materials and formulas, as well as more sophisticated manufacturing processes to eliminate this problem completely. Cobalt staining is like polio—it has virtually been eliminated as a possible problem.

Fiberglass pools come with a gel coat surface these days that is pretty much impenetrable. These pools resist staining and green algae blooms, and they’re better for water balance compared to concrete pools. If you’re looking to install a swimming pool, then you owe it to yourself to consider a fiberglass swimming pool for your home.

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