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Dropbox Announces Carousel For Organizing Photos And Videos

by Brad Merrill - on Apr 10th 2014 - No Comments

Dropbox has unveiled Carousel, a product to store and manage your photos and videos. It includes features from Snapjoy, a photo startup that Dropbox acquired in December 2012. The launch of Carousel is a way for Dropbox to diversify its offerings—and potential revenue streams—as it prepares for an expected IPO. The app is available today. […]

Don’t Install 2048 If You Ever Want To Be Productive Again

by Brad Merrill - on Apr 4th 2014 - No Comments

I’m so ashamed of my work ethic today. I spent the better part of the last two hours playing 2048, an addictive new game for iOS. It’s been called the new Flappy Bird. It’s your productivity’s worst nightmare. And it’s brilliantly engineered to be addictive. 2048 is a puzzle game wherein you slide numbered tiles […]

Kodak Launches New Moments HD Photo Printing App For iPad

by Brad Merrill - on Apr 2nd 2014 - No Comments

Kodak has launched a new version of its Moments app specifically for iPads. It’s all about helping you create, edit, and print photo-based books on the fly, and it includes a postal and same-day pickup service from picture kiosks. The app lets you order both standard prints and enlargements, and it can even integrate with […]

Chromecast Now Supports Crackle And Rdio

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 31st 2014 - 1 Comment

Chromecast, Google’s video streaming dongle, just gained support for two new apps: Crackle and Rdio. After Google introduced the $35 HDMI dongle to easily cast apps like Netflix and YouTube onto televisions, Chromecast was met with high consumer interest but few supporting apps. Since then, Google has opened the device up to outside developers and […]

Jelly For iOS Now Lets You Attach Locations To Questions

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 31st 2014 - 2 Comments

Q&A app Jelly today updated its iOS app with new tools for posing and explaining problems. In version 1.1, you can now create a new question using a map and a specific location. When you tap the compose icon, you’ll see a new mapping option alongside the existing camera tool. Here, you can choose your […]

Facebook Messenger For iOS Now Lets You Start Group Chats And Forward Messages

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 28th 2014 - No Comments

Facebook Messenger for iOS has just received an update that allows users to create group chats. You simply name the group, add a photo, and chats will be gathered together in one conversation. You can also “pin” groups for easier access. This update also allows you to forward a message or photo who isn’t in […]

Medium Launches An iOS App For Reading

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 20th 2014 - No Comments

Popular publishing platform Medium has introduced its first mobile app for iOS, as it had promised last week. The app is read-only and allows users to access a range of published articles by first signing in with their Twitter account. After signing in, the app—which has a stunning UI—’hand picks’ a reading list based on […]

Flappy Bird To Return To The App Store

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 19th 2014 - No Comments

After its removal earlier this year, Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store. Gawker spotted developer Dong Nguyen’s tweeted response to a question about whether or not it would ever return, which is a “Yes.” As you can see, Nguyen doesn’t provide a timeline but does say it won’t bee “soon,” which suggests […]

Candy Crush Madness: Worth $7.6 Billion?

by Camille McClane - on Mar 18th 2014 - No Comments

In 2012, few had heard of King Digital Entertainment when they first launched their game Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. In November of that year, they released the mobile version of the same game, and with that they redefined what investors thought possible with Freemium apps. The app is free but allows in-game purchases, which […]

Twitter’s New “Fave People” Allows You To Track Your Favorite Twitter Accounts

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 17th 2014 - 3 Comments

Twitter is testing out a new feature called “Fave People,” which allows you to keep track of your favorite Twitter accounts in a separate timeline. Essentially a more user-friendly version of Twitter’s “Lists,” this feature recently appeared in the alpha version of Twitter’s Android application—the app where the company tests new features and changes before […]