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Lead Generation and the Purchase Funnel: How Social Media Can Influence Both

by Nick Rojas - on Aug 26th 2014 - No Comments
social guy

As simple as it may sound, business activities need to be aligned with a company’s overall goals. One of the most common goals for any business is to generate sales and turn a profit. Without customers and an effective marketing strategy, these things would be impossible. This, however, presents a couple of questions. How do businesses […]

The Widening Gap Between Angels And ‘A’

by Thomas S. Dann - on Jul 9th 2014 - 1 Comment

The yawning gap between angel investors and Series A venture capital has the potential to strangle many promising entrepreneurial ideas and startups for want of critical, early-stage funding. A recent Pitchbook report on the U.S. venture industry showed that the valuations of companies seeking Series A funding lately have grown at nearly double the pace […]

7 Tips For Making Changes To Your Products And Services

by Wendy C. Reid - on May 17th 2014 - No Comments

There are often times when making changes to your products and services becomes necessary—for instance, lowering prices to make them more cost-competitive or making alterations to packaging materials so as to provide consumers with a greater understanding of the product. The manner in which business owners make changes to their products and services is of […]

Calculating Risk When Investing In A Startup Company

by Ryan Del Villar - on May 3rd 2014 - No Comments

Running startups is always risky. For every Mark Zuckerberg who establishes a successful business like Facebook, there are others who failed to make a mark (no pun intended). How many “others” do we speak of? Well, the Wall Street Journal cited research by Shikhar Ghosh of the Harvard Business School, which stated that three out […]

Candy Crush Madness: Worth $7.6 Billion?

by Camille McClane - on Mar 18th 2014 - No Comments

In 2012, few had heard of King Digital Entertainment when they first launched their game Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. In November of that year, they released the mobile version of the same game, and with that they redefined what investors thought possible with Freemium apps. The app is free but allows in-game purchases, which […]

Bizarre Tactics: How These Startups Came To Be

by Camille McClane - on Mar 15th 2014 - No Comments
Image Credit: Zedling / Flickr

Necessity isn’t always the mother of invention. From mom-and-pop stores to sprawling transnationals, companies are as often as not born out of whimsy, near-psychotic obsession, mad love, or even accident. Here are the stories of three wildly different brands that demonstrate the crazy crucible that is starting up. Be Careful What You Wish For Although […]

Revisiting 2013 Mistakes: Marketing Strategies To Overcome Your Hurdles This Year

by Nick Rojas - on Mar 6th 2014 - No Comments

Every marketer has a different goal in mind when they write a piece of content or a press release. Some want to drive traffic to a website; some want to increase the sales of their products or services; others just want to generate awareness of their business. No matter the end goal, every marketer needs […]

5 Ways To Stop Your Logo From Sucking If You Use DIY Software

by Bob Gray - on Dec 19th 2013 - No Comments

It’s now easier than ever for someone with a website to design their own logo. In the past it would have been much harder and the majority of people reached out to a professional. These days there are so many apps and pieces of software getting released, which makes it easy to come up with […]

How 6 Big Companies Are Using Social To Talk Directly To Customers

by Ryan Currie - on Dec 16th 2013 - No Comments
Air Asia

Social engagement is no longer just an idea, it’s a must. If you’re a business with multiple social profiles (and if not, why?) you should be actively engaging with customers left and right. That’s the point! Here’s a quick look at six big companies who have this whole social media thing down and are using […]

How To Transform Your Office Into A Creative Environment

by Mark Enright - on Dec 13th 2013 - No Comments

Businesses are built upon creativity. They always start out as an idea and come to fruition through hard work and dedication. But, when the business is up and running, most find themselves locating in lifeless, fluorescent lit offices which quickly turn the 9-5 working day into the 9-5 grind. By creating an office for your […]