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3 Ways Start-ups Can Ensure Stability
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How Startups Are Transforming Retail
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August 1, 2017

10 Sales and Marketing Tips for Insurance Brokers

This article is here to provide you with some of the ways you could improve your business. Below you will find a selection of 10 tips on sales and marketing for your insurance company. In order to grow your business, you need to know some of the best ways…

Marketing Strategy

Your business must always have a marketing strategy. By having a strategy in place you are then able to identify how you can best achieve the desired result. For example, by having an insurance marketing plan you will understand how your drafted email marketing, promotional material or ___ is going to drive sales in ways that your current strategies just aren’t doing.

Rewarding Referral System

A [...]

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April 12, 2017

Marketing Innovation: Attribute it to the Web

‘Marketing’ and ‘Innovation’: two words that have traditionally been cloaked in vagueness, if not uncertainty. Why? Because they get abused by association and diluted in practice. Inconsistent results, substance, and meaning tend to have that effect. But when they click … [wo]man-o-[wo]man, that’s the stuff of business legend. And when the combined term ‘Marketing Innovation’ is firing on all cylinders, well, that’s something to write home about (or on the homepage at any rate). It would appear this is such a time, for are ABM and predictive marketing ever hitting their stride!

For purposes here, a simple definition: [...]

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February 28, 2017

3 Ways Start-ups Can Ensure Stability

It’s not easy starting a business. Nine out of 10 businesses fail in the first year, with a further 95% failing within five years. The statistics are sobering, but there are many benefits to starting a business. You can be your own boss and if the business is a success, the financial rewards are immense.

The entrepreneurial landscape has never been better. There has been a sustained shift towards entrepreneurialism in the last few years. In 2015, 608,110 new businesses were started, which was a 4.6% increase on the previous year. It’s become easier for people to start a business. Despite the economic upheaval in the last few months, there is every indication that [...]

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November 10, 2016

Oh [#LeanStartup], Where Art Thou?

TAKE NOTICE: build-test-learn

So once upon a time a guy named Eric started a movement. Truth be told, like most of us he was probably trying to start something that would decrease his probability of financial hardship in the future, and in the process possibly make a bit of a name for himself. It would appear it worked and his insights have been well received, by BOTH startups starting out AND mega-corporations interested in a given decade’s operational ‘botox’. But whatever the path that leads you to Lean, it can be an incredible learning experience. So yea, build-[test+]measure-learn is EXACTLY it, and the take-home is that [...]

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November 3, 2016

Biometrics – the good the bad and the ugly

A biometric is a form of identity based on a physiological (fingerprint, face, eye iris or retina) or behavioural (speech or signature) characteristic. There’s no special training required for a consumer to use them, they can’t be lost unlike conventional access methods and are unique to every individual.

If you’ve ever experienced airport retina scanning or have a fingerprint identity on your smartphone, you’re already part of the world of biometrics. Apple, closely followed by Samsung, brought touch ID to the consumer market place and demonstrated how user friendly biometrics can be. Once, this was all considered the stuff of science fiction films but biometrics is now [...]

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November 3, 2016

Intuit Connect? Turns out I’m into it.

Shaq (early Google investor, Dad, Hall-of-Famer)

I’m on the VTA chugging along, in search of the right convention center. You see, I used to work near Santa Clara’s, so it comes naturally. And let’s face it, there are a lot of arrows and trails of initiative’s presence leading to and exuding from Great America Pkwy these days. But no, today it is San Jose’s that beckons my attention. So I chug.

The first reaction in mentioning to a couple people that I’m headed to the S.Bay is: ‘why?’. SF has become insular. I am a job seeker amongst other things right now, so the Peninsula is a treasure trove of [...]

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October 31, 2016

The future of mobile banking – engaging customers through mobile phones

Last month, the CMA released a new set of rules that are set to transform the finance industry. Managing director of agency Sonin, Paul Jarrett, explains how the new banking regulations are going to impact small service providers.

The latest announcement from the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) states that all banks must offer all of their services via a single mobile phone app by 2018. It’s not news that we live in a connected world, or that our mobiles have become a vital tool for everyday life. In fact we’ve seen many businesses and entire industries evolve and mobilise their offering to improve the customer experience. So really, it was only a matter of time [...]

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September 30, 2016

Crowd- and OpenSourced Cybersecurity: an oxymoron no more

The most telling aspect of the Structure Security conference came in the form of back-to-back panels on Tuesday afternoon. The first comprised of Qualcomm, Intel, and ARM; and the second: Facebook, Uber, and Slack. The contrast in these two panels titled ‘Defining what it Means to be Trusted’ and ‘To Secure It, Open It Up’ respectively, embodies the massive changes that are underway in cybersecurity. It was incredibly noticeable how differently companies like ARM and Intel think about and approach security as compared to the Facebook’s and Uber’s of the world. Granted, right out of the gate there’s a huge distinction between hardware and [...]

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September 21, 2016

Israel: The rise of the fintech hybrid

Special Counsel, Adv. Roy Keidar of Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Firm examines the rise of the Israeli fintech sector. 

Israel is globally known as the ‘startup nation’, a small country that has developed a rich ecosystem in which thousands of startup companies are creating new and innovative technologies. What it is less known for is its financial system. Israel’s small size and distance from global financial centres such as NY, London, or Zurich, are significant barriers to further growing such a financial market.

Over the last few years, however, a growing presence of Israeli ventures [...]

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September 19, 2016

If I lose you at ‘Devops’ … you’re missing the point.

 [But then again, the Title drew you this far, so perhaps you’re onto something.]    Disrupt SF did not disappoint this year. Yes, the Secretary of Defense, both Marc’s (Benioff & Andreessen), and Steph Curry all made headline appearances, in the same day no less; but I would like to take a moment to highlight the lesser-sung heroes of the conference [and our industry and World for that matter]: DEVOPS. Let’s break IT down: Development Operations, as in Software Development and IT Operations. A match made in tech.haven no doubt, and that’s even before you drop some of that crazy QA into the mix. DEVOPS deserves more respect. I intend to convince you. Who [...]
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