Ethics Statement

VentureBreak’s editorial team has determined the following statement of ethics to govern the conduct of all employees, freelancers, and interns.


We have advertisements on our site, and advertising is our main source of revenue. Our company keeps editorial content and advertising strictly separate. We do not accept compensation, monetary or otherwise, as an incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable, on VentureBreak. All reviews and other editorial content on VentureBreak are based on our editorial discretion, not on the desire of any company or advertiser.

However, VentureBreak does accept “Sponsored Posts” from advertisers. Sponsored Posts are marked clearly as such, written by the client or their PR agency, and do not reflect an endorsement or opinion of a company or product by VentureBreak’s editorial team.

Affiliate Links

Posts within our Deals section may contain affiliate links. When a reader clicks through those links and makes a purchase, VentureBreak earns a small commission.

So as to avoid conflicts of interest, we never include affiliate links in our editorial coverage or reviews.


VentureBreak obtains news and content from a variety of different sources. Some of our sources wish to remain unnamed, and we honor these requests and keep those sources anonymous without exception. We generally do not provide compensation for tips.

Should we obtain news from another publication, online or otherwise, we will endeavor to properly attribute the information to them.


Our employees are required to disclose any conflicts of interest they may have as a result of investing in companies we cover. Employees will usually avoid personally writing about companies they have investments in, but when it cannot be avoided, they will clearly disclose the conflict of interest in the article at hand.

Other Employment

Employees of VentureBreak may not be employed by or receive compensation from companies that they are likely to cover, nor are they allowed to have any role (paid or unpaid) at those companies.

Samples / Review Units

Companies may loan units, products, or samples to our editors for a given period of time in order for our staff to determine whether we will provide a review of the product on VentureBreak. We do not accept samples on any preconditions, such as that we will provide a review simply because the company sent us a sample. Companies may provide us with samples before the product is commercially available, in which case we may agree to an embargo with the company or its PR firm. This means we agree not to publish the review until a given time. Most of the time, review units are returned promptly after the review.

Sometimes, we may decide to review something that has not been provided to us by a company. In this case, a writer or editor will either purchase the product for themselves, or VentureBreak will purchase the product for the team.


Occasionally, VentureBreak will conduct contests and giveaways for our readers. We will post official rules for each contest, which will be binding for all contestants who choose to participate. Giveaways are not, and should not be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products.

Personal Conflict

Any employee of VentureBreak who has a spouse, partner, or other close relationship with an employee of a company that VentureBreak covers is required to disclose the relationship. Employees will usually try to avoid personally writing about these companies, but when it cannot be avoided, they will clearly disclose the conflict of interest in the article at hand.

Editorial Opinions

Our editorial content is written by individuals, and each article represents the opinion or view of its individual author. Opinions expressed in content that appears on VentureBreak are the opinions of their respective authors, and should not be interpreted as formally approved or endorsed by VentureBreak as a whole.


We follow these guidelines in all of our work at VentureBreak because we think this is the best way to conduct our business. If you have any questions about our ethics or business practices, feel free to contact us.

Note: This statement may not always cover non-staff columnists, and we will do our best to let you know when such exceptions occur.