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April 12, 2017

Marketing Innovation: Attribute it to the Web

‘Marketing’ and ‘Innovation’: two words that have traditionally been cloaked in vagueness, if not uncertainty. Why? Because they get abused by association and diluted in practice. Inconsistent results, substance, and meaning tend to have that effect. But when they click … [wo]man-o-[wo]man, that’s the stuff of business legend. And when the combined term ‘Marketing Innovation’ is firing on all cylinders, well, that’s something to write home about (or on the homepage at any rate). It would appear this is such a time, for are ABM and predictive marketing ever hitting their stride!

For purposes here, a simple definition: [...]

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December 5, 2016

VR PR I am: #VRt

Come as you are.

Upload VR did not disappoint. In some ways it felt like what I picture the first dot.com to have been like: one part young-and-talented, one part tech-junkie, and one part rebel-yell. The artistic aspect of The Collective was the most notable, and part of that was certainly to be expected given the name of the event was ‘Art & VR’, but the more permanent components of the space were easy to decipher and just as intriguing as the art exhibits themselves. The work of the artists invited in for the evening was very good, but in the physicality of this co-working space itself, dedicated to the creation [...]

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November 4, 2016

Tech Inclusion: the Diversity of an Open Mind

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was born out of an Exhibition intent on demonstrating that San Francisco had rebuilt itself. So the fact this year’s Tech Inclusion conference was held in the neighboring Innovation Hangar (previously the Exploratorium) is quite appropriate. In a sense, the goal here is to rebuild SF’s crown jewel: Tech. Young and not so young white guys hold a majority stake at present, but in the years to come, it seems to me that the tech sector is going to incur some well-deserved growing pains of a different variety. We’re not talking 4-5x the national GDP growth rate, no, this is something more like [...]

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September 30, 2016

Crowd- and OpenSourced Cybersecurity: an oxymoron no more

The most telling aspect of the Structure Security conference came in the form of back-to-back panels on Tuesday afternoon. The first comprised of Qualcomm, Intel, and ARM; and the second: Facebook, Uber, and Slack. The contrast in these two panels titled ‘Defining what it Means to be Trusted’ and ‘To Secure It, Open It Up’ respectively, embodies the massive changes that are underway in cybersecurity. It was incredibly noticeable how differently companies like ARM and Intel think about and approach security as compared to the Facebook’s and Uber’s of the world. Granted, right out of the gate there’s a huge distinction between hardware and [...]

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September 19, 2016

Time to make fintech small

After Iceland had beaten England in the European Football Championship I was reminded of a Barclays TV-commercial from 2000 where Anthony Hopkins explains why ‘a big world needs a big bank’.

It’s a great commercial, and even though it’s 16 years old and we have had two serious global crises in since then, there is nothing out-dated about its message. On the contrary, since 2000 global GDP has almost doubled and the big banks have become even bigger. The four largest banks in America are now 150 per cent bigger than the next 50 banks combined, and in the UK the four biggest banks control 85 per cent of the market. This trend towards [...]

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September 5, 2016

How to get investors chasing you, the owner of a Fintech Business

According to a recent Accenture study, investment in fintech across the globe, continues to rise.  In the first quarter of 2016, investments in fintech reached $5.3 billion, a 67% increase over the same period the year before.

However, the landscape of investment in fintech is changing.  Fintech startups are no longer the only option available to investors, as bigger players, such as tech giants and some incumbent players, are starting to explore an entry into this lucrative sector.

In our last article, we put forward the case that organic growth is almost impossible for a fintech firm.  In this [...]

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September 2, 2016

Will London remain the capital of fintech?

London is currently hailed as the global centre of fintech. This should come as no surprise, as it is by tradition a financial centre, with most of the leading banks operating in the European and African markets headquartered in the capital.

Similarly, leading disrupting actors such as Funding Circle, Transferwise, Nutmeg, and Mondo have chosen London as their home, creating a stimulating ecosystem that other fintech startups can benefit from. The British capital currently hosts 17 of the top 50 fintech companies in the world (Currency Cloud, Revolut, Property Partners, GoCardless, Elliptic, Bankable, Ebury, iZettle to mention a few), and it is [...]

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August 22, 2016

The Future of Fintech: iBe TSE

I disagree that Apple, Google and other big corporations extending their tentacles into the fintech market should be viewed as a bad thing.

They have a real affinity with startups and, within the years, they aligned culturally and crucially their view on fintechs as a necessary part of their business models, as they have utilised fintechs to form partnerships and collaborations to bring their new products to market.

Their interest in fintech should be viewed as a massive opportunity for many fintechs to commercialise their products and services, as well as to access to invaluable mentoring schemes [...]

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August 17, 2016

APIs are good medicine

RBS has been formulating its API strategy over the past few months.

APIs will enable us to extend our banking platform and capabilities to third party application providers as well business customers, both large and small. This is why the strategy discussion should not be limited to a discussion about PSD2 or HMT’s OB initiatives.

Is opening up access via APIs a good medicine?

The first concern cited is usually the thought of dis-intermediation – someone coming between the bank and its customers. Is the fear of dis-intermediation legitimate? [...]

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July 29, 2016

Node has finally grown up

Perhaps it’s that the Qualcomm (Mkt cap $92B) speaker told me about a partnership with United Healthcare (Mkt cap $147B) in which the two were aligning to drive adoption of wearable IoT, or maybe it was Joyent front-and-center as a/the major Node contributor having freshly been acquired by Samsung (Mkt cap $195B), but the overarching theme of NodeSummit this year was most certainly: Node has [finally] grown up. The extended theme was ‘Node.js is ready for primetime’ and ‘every company is a tech company’, and the former is due in large part to massive corporations trying to wrap their head around the latter. Javascript’s client and server [...]

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