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How Startups Are Transforming Retail
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November 9, 2016

The FinTech Investor Forum — 24 November 2016, London

The FinTech Investor Forum brings together over 100 of Europe’s most active FinTech investors and deal-makers along with the leaders of 100 of the most exciting start-ups and scale-ups.

The Forum provides a unique opportunity to connect with people who can make a difference to your business.  If you’re an investor or deal-maker you’ll get valuable insights on which sectors, companies and deals are likely to get funded over the next year.  If you’re a senior executive at a financial institution, you’ll get essential intelligence on what your competitors are doing and on which companies and technologies you should be partnering with or acquiring.  If you’re a new or established [...]

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June 15, 2016

Time for the Banks to choose their strategic partners or get left behind?

Every action has risk, and banks are traditionally averse to risk, and therefore have been relatively slow to adopt new technologies, new practices, and new markets. This risk averse / change resistant position is the entire reason why fintech has emerged as a distinct sector, and why fintech challengers have been able to take major slices out of the banks’ core services. Money transfer, business lending, factoring, already heavily targeted by fintechs, next in line are mortgages, insurance services, and inevitably, consumer lending, already nibbled at by P2P systems.

The most imminent risk for [...]

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October 26, 2015

How To Approach Venture Capitalists And Angel Investors

In many ways, venture capitalists and angel investors seem like the perfect solution to capital woes for startups and SMEs—but how do you go about looking for the right VCs or investors for your business? It’s not quite as easy as showing up at an office tower with your proposal in hand, hoping for a run of good luck or blind faith. Instead, read on to learn about the process of approaching venture capitalists and angel investors, what documents you should have on hand, and how to be prepared for your big pitch.

What Investors Should You Be Seeking?

Your startup or small business may have been able to get off the ground by using your own savings or funding from friends and [...]

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October 23, 2015

Equity Crowdfunding: 4 Steps To Success

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and early-stage startups, accessing capital is crucial. Whether the funding comes from a bank, an angel investor, a ridiculously wealthy family member, or less conventional methods, most businesses will need access to capital during various stages of their development. The problem is that banks really don’t lend funds to SMEs anymore, angel investors are tough to find, and not everyone has that wealthy uncle either.  So how can you grow your startup or scale your SME to new markets?

The answer could be in equity crowdfunding. This financing model has begun to change the landscape for how smaller private businesses can find [...]

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August 12, 2015

Tagasauris Raises $900K On SeedInvest

Tagasauris, an intelligent data platform for visual media, has closed a $900,000 round with the help of equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest.

Founded in 2010, Tagasauris combines human-assisted computing with semantic Web technologies to tag, categorize, label, and organize media like videos and images. The company uses its proprietary technology to “teach” computers the content of a picture of video and how that content relates to the rest of the Web. The process quickly and effectively turns ordinary visual content into searchable media, and it’s already being used by an impressive clientele—including the likes of Disney, AOL, and ABC.

SeedInvest [...]

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July 16, 2015

eBay Sells Its Enterprise Division For $925 Million

eBay today confirmed that it has agreed to sell its Enterprise unit to a consortium led by private-equity firm Permira for $925 million.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the company has been looking to sell the Enterprise division since the beginning of the year.

eBay Enterprise took a blow last week when Toys ‘R’ Us announced that it plans to take its business elsewhere within a year.

This news comes just one day before eBay will officially split PayPal into a separate publicly-traded company. With eBay Enterprise and PayPal out of the way, eBay will soon be free to start fresh as a standalone company.

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July 15, 2015

Imagine Easy Acquires Cite This For Me, Launches New Research Tool For Students

Imagine Easy Solutions, the company behind some of the most popular research and bibliography services on the Web, today announced that it has acquired European citation and research website Cite This For Me for an undisclosed sum. The company has also announced Imagine Easy Scholar, a new research product that helps educators and students collaborate on writing projects.

Cite This For Me is Europe’s most popular bibliography generator. Following the acquisition, it will join Imagine Easy’s network of leading sites, which you’ve probably heard of: EasyBib, BibMe, and Citation Machine.

“Our goal is to set students up for success in the digital [...]

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June 23, 2015

Verizon Officially Completes Its $4.4 Billion Acquisition Of AOL

Verizon today announced that its acquisition of AOL for $4.4 billion dollars is officially complete.

Going forward, CEO Tim Armstrong will continue to lead operations at AOL. Bob Toohey, president of Verizon Digital Media Services, will now report to Armstrong.

As part of the acquisition, Verizon has also acquired a set of notable publications, including Engadget, TechCrunch, and the Huffington Post. This raises some ethical questions about editorial content, particularly for Engadget and TechCrunch, though both sites say they will remain editorially independent.

The dial-up Internet business at AOL, which is what made the company the giant it is today, is still [...]

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June 16, 2015

Competitive Gaming Platform FACEIT Reaches 1.5 Million Registered Users, Raises $2 Million

Competitive gaming platform FACEIT today announced that it has reached 1.5 million registered users with over 5 million gaming sessions hosted on its site every month. The London startup has also announced a $2 million round of funding led by United Ventures.

Founded in 2012 by Niccolo Maisto, Alessandro Avallone, and Michele Attisani, FACEIT is commonly known in gaming circles as the “Twitch of competitions.” The company attributes its rapid growth to its unique approach to competitive eSports. It offers structured online tournaments as well as daily, weekly, and monthly leagues. The goal of the platform is to eliminate the difficulties gamers typically [...]

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June 12, 2015

The Art Of Negotiating With Investors As A Startup

You may not believe that you have a great deal of leverage if you are trying to negotiate startup funds out of an investor. The truth of the matter is that your ideas are just as important as their money. You just need to understand how to present your ideas, hold your ground and play the game. Here are some of the basics of the art of negotiating with investors as a startup.

1 – Practice the essential presenting skills

Before you go into your meeting with investors, you should have ripped your presentation to shreds beta testing it with each other. The presentation of your business is just as important as the business itself. You should have auditioned your pitch to [...]

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