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The big secret of undertaking a successful trial for a brand – CHARGE FOR IT!
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May 17, 2016

Making Roads Safer and smarter

Let’s face it, the streets of London can be a nightmare. Whichever vehicle you are driving, every day you have to face the traffic, the dangers and the regulations imposed. You can’t change them entirely – London wouldn’t be London without its screaming cabbies – but brilliant ideas like those of Fusion Processing and PIE Mapping could drastically improve the safety of road users.

Cycle Eye is Fusion Processing’s answer to the 14 cyclists killed on average every year in London by trucks or buses. It’s a small device that uses radar and a low light camera to identify cyclists close to the vehicle. Once attached to the side of the truck or bus, it provides a warning alert to the driver [...]

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February 26, 2016

5 Ways Tablets Are Being Put to Use in Medical Facilities

A number of medical facilities have begun using tablets as alternatives to more expensive and less-portable computers. In fact, the medical tablet sector is approaching $2 billion worldwide, and there are now nearly 100,000 healthcare apps available across major mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

Tablets provide an ideal computing solution in many healthcare scenarios because they’re lightweight, mobile, relatively inexpensive, and have longer battery lives than laptops and smartphones. Touchscreens are also easier to clean and less likely to harbour bacteria than conventional input peripherals like keyboards and mice which have cracks and crevices that are [...]

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October 22, 2015

Is The FDA Holding Back Innovation?

In today’s modern age, technology has been advancing global industries to a point where innovations are happening faster than ever before. With the interconnectivity and shared knowledge of the Internet, new tech inventions, and digital access to people around the world, we’re seeing a much faster growth rate when it comes to constant discoveries being made to help our lives become easier. The healthcare industry is no exception, and for good reason. No matter how much technological advancement occurs in society, a person’s health should remain the most valuable commodity, and these days people are looking for more valuable and cost-effective methods to monitor their [...]

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August 23, 2015

Wearable Tech Startup Focused On Personal Safety Raises $100k On Kickstarter

Connecticut startup Wearsafe Labs has raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter to develop advanced wearable personal safety products, starting with the Wearsafe Tag—a small wearable panic button.

The company initially set out to raise $75,000 and surpassed that goal in less than four weeks.

“We couldn’t be happier with the success of this campaign,” says co-founder Phill Giancarlo. “But even more important, we are so appreciative to those who backed this project, who believe in our mission to really make a difference in this world.”

Wearsafe’s first product, the Wearsafe Tag, is a low-energy Bluetooth wearable device that can [...]

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June 25, 2015

Amazon Echo Is Now Available To Everyone

If you want to get your hands on Amazon Echo—the wireless speaker with a built-in voice-controlled personal assistant—it’s now available to everyone.

The device, which Amazon revealed last November, is a Bluetooth speaker on steroids. The personal assistant (named Alexa) can answer questions, play music on demand, and order Amazon products for you using simple voice commands.

Initially, Echo was only available to Amazon Prime customers on a special waiting list. Amazon was quite conservative in sending out invites, and even when customers purchased it, shipping times turned from weeks into months.

But now, Amazon Echo is available to everyone. It costs [...]

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June 23, 2015

Google Is Developing A Wearable That Allows Doctors To Monitor Patients Outside The Hospital

In an effort to bring wearables to the medical field, Google has developed a health-tracking wristband that could give physicians real-time, detailed information about patients, even when they’re away from the hospital.

Developed by the Google X research division, the device can measure and report heart rhythm, pulse, skin temperature, and environmental circumstances like light exposure and noise levels.

“Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials,” said Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google, in an interview with Bloomberg.

The device is designed to [...]

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June 23, 2015

LiliLite: An All-In-One Bookshelf, Reading Light, And Bookmark

LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light, and bookmark combined into a single easy product for reading in bed. The Kickstarter campaign has raised $25,000 of its $70,000 goal, with 22 days to go. The company hopes to deliver the product to backers worldwide this fall.

LiliLite is really simple: you mount it over your bed, and one side of the product holds a stack of books while the other side holds a single book, marking the page where you left off. When you grab your book to start reading, a sensor activates the LED reading light, which illuminates the pages just enough to read comfortably. When you put your book back on the shelf, the light automatically turns off [...]

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June 15, 2015

This Watchband Will Help You Analyze And Manage Stress

This month, Swedish startup hidn technology unveiled hidn tempo, the world’s first stress management watchband. Throughout the day, sensors on the band monitor your stress level, sleep quality, and physical activity. That data is then synced to the hidn tempo app, which analyzes it and gives you clear, actionable advice to help you manage and control your stress.

Behind hidn technology are co-founders Jonas Angleflod, Johan Lidenmark, and Michael Thonfors.

After spending 15 years in the telecom sector, Angleflod moved into the startup world eight years ago. “This is my third startup,” he told me in an interview. “The last startup I ran was a [...]

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April 3, 2015

Here’s How Much Apple Will Charge For AppleCare+ With Apple Watch

To go alongside the $10,000+ pricing of the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, Apple will charge up to $999 for the Apple Watch Edition’s AppleCare+ Protection Plan, 9to5Mac reports.

More affordable coverage will be offered for the aluminum Sport and stainless steel standard models, which will cost $59 and $79 respectively.

Tthe Apple Watch Edition comes with two years of 24/7 support and a special setup hotline. AppleCare+ adds a third year of tech support as well as coverage for up to two incidents of accidental hardware damage. AppleCare+ for the Sport and standard models adds a second year of technical support to the included one year, plus [...]

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March 26, 2015

The Rapid Rise Of The 3D Printing Industry [Infographic]

This great infographic, courtesy of Needa.ie, quickly runs through everything you need to know about the growing 3D printing industry. From the technology’s inception to today’s consumer applications, it’s all here.

Some key takeaways:

3D printing was invented by Chuck Hull, an American with a degree in Engineering Physics, in 1984. The 3D printing industry passed the $1 billon mark in 2012 and continues to rise at an annual growth rate of 22.4%. 2.3 million 3D printers will be shipped in 2018, compared to the 130,000 shipped in 2014.

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