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February 26, 2015

Apple Watch Event Scheduled For March 9

Apple is holding a media event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on March 9. It will likely reveal final details about the Apple Watch, which is expected to launch sometime in April.

While Apple has not explicitly stated that this will be an Apple Watch event, the “Spring Forward” pun in the press invitation is pretty clear:

Beyond that, Apple still has a lot to share about the new device. When it introduced the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last September, it vaguely went over how people will use the product, without going into too many details. There has been plenty of speculation, but we have yet to [...]

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February 16, 2015

Elemental Path Is Developing The First Smart Toys Powered By IBM Watson

Elemental Path is working on a line of smart toys powered by IBM’s Watson technology that they hope will change they way children learn by improving the way they play.

The first product in the startup’s CogniToys lineup is an intelligent dinosaur for children aged four to seven. Pre-orders on the company’s Kickstarter project start at $99.99, with a target of $50,000 and 29 days to reach it.

The CogniToys dinosaur uses Watson’s cognitive computing power to power speech recognition and carry engaging and age-appropriate conversations with children.

The toy can remember specific details about a child (like their favorite color or [...]

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February 10, 2015

Boston Dynamics Reveals New Robot Dog

Google-owned Boston Dynamics today gave us a look at its latest quadruped robot, Spot. It’s a smaller, more agile version of WildCat.

As The Verge’s Rich McCormick points out, the robot has a dog’s name, but it walks more like a horse—daintily and predictably lifting its legs with each step, and trotting at higher speeds:

Spot seems to get picked on a lot—perhaps because it’s the smallest of the Boston Dynamics lineup. The demonstration shows multiple staff members kicking it, and in each case it stumbles before quickly regaining its balance:

The 160-pound electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot can walk and trot [...]

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January 26, 2015

Oculus To Make Its Own VR Movies, First Film Debuts This Week

When Oculus VR first began experimenting with tech demos, investor Marc Andreessen urged CEO Brendan Iribe to show the device to Hollywood. Andreessen was impressed with what he’d seen and believed VR was a perfect fit for the film industry. Iribe showed the technology to an unnamed Hollywood director, who enthusiastically asked him to join forces and create a film with it. But Iribe turned him down. “I don’t know the first thing about movies,” he said.

Today, Oculus VR is taking a big step into the entertainment industry.

With Story Studio, an in-house lab focused on exploring tools and techniques to create VR experiences, the company [...]

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