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Candy Crush Game Maker King Prices IPO At $22.50

by Brad Merrill - on Mar 25th 2014 - No Comments

Mobile game company King Digital Entertainment, which will begin trading Wednesday, has priced its initial public offering at $22.50 per share, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company expects to raise about $326 million by selling 15.5 million shares, with investors selling another 6.7 million. The pricing values the […]

Was The Nintendo Wii Really A ‘Revolution’?

by Brad Merrill - on Nov 26th 2012 - 1 Comment

Six years later, it’s time to say goodbye. The Nintendo Wii, launched in 2006, is now being replaced by the Nintendo Wii U. It topped console charts for this generation, beating the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which were both technologically superior. It was small, cheap, and compelling to everyone, not just hardcore gamers. During […]

Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free

by Devon Schreiner - on Jun 24th 2011 - No Comments

Alright everybody, I’ve never actually played it yet but I have been debating for a long time. It’s been getting cheaper and cheaper for a long time but now it’s finally free. Team Fortress 2. This announcement comes as kind of funny to me because just the other day a couple friends were playing TF2 and […]

Nintendo 3DS first look

by Tom Brown - on Aug 2nd 2010 - 1 Comment

Do you remember the dawn of touchscreen gaming revolutionized by the Nintendo DS? Well this is the next step. Nintendo’s 3DS is set to revolutionize handheld gaming once again.

GameStop Acquires Social Games Platform Kongregate

by Brad Merrill - on Jul 27th 2010 - No Comments

Large video game retailer GameStop acquired social gaming platform Kongregate today.  An acquisition price was not disclosed, but Kongregate says it is the home of 10 million monthly players who spend 23 hours a month using the site.  

MGS: Peace Walker Release Dates

by Brad Merrill - on May 22nd 2010 - No Comments

Guest author Jeffery Williams reported this afternoon a new set of screenshots that has been released for Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker, so I thought I’d share some confirmed release dates for the game. Peace Walker has a confirmed release date on Tuesday June 08, 2010 for the USA (16 days left).  In Europe, the […]

MGS: Peace Walker To Have Lots Of Boobs, Butts, And Briefs

by Jeffery Williams - on May 22nd 2010 - 2 Comments

A new set of screenshots has been released to tempt MGS fans about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker for PSP to be released in the US very soon. Among these screenshots are Paz in a bikini and Master Miller in a pair of briefs.  Fanservice for guys and girls, I guess? Is this […]

Pacman Takes Over Google

by Brad Merrill - on May 21st 2010 - No Comments

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the famous Pacman arcade game, and Google is celebrating with a new logo.  The logo is a playable Pacman game that spells Google.  Cool right?

Do You Control Terrorism?

by Devon Schreiner - on Mar 1st 2010 - No Comments

While browsing the different tech sites that I visit from time to time, I came upon an article that peaked my interest for a couple reasons. I originally found the article on Engadget here. The article outlines how an original Playstation controller was found at a bomb making site in Afghanistan and it is assumed […]

MGS Peace Walker Release Date

by Brad Merrill - on Feb 27th 2010 - No Comments

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker will be released for the PSP on May 25th, two days before the European release.  The story of Peace Walker is supposed to be a “full-scale sequel” to Metal Gear Solid 3.  It takes place in Costa Rica circa 1974.  It is supposed to connect the […]