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April 12, 2017

Marketing Innovation: Attribute it to the Web

‘Marketing’ and ‘Innovation’: two words that have traditionally been cloaked in vagueness, if not uncertainty. Why? Because they get abused by association and diluted in practice. Inconsistent results, substance, and meaning tend to have that effect. But when they click … [wo]man-o-[wo]man, that’s the stuff of business legend. And when the combined term ‘Marketing Innovation’ is firing on all cylinders, well, that’s something to write home about (or on the homepage at any rate). It would appear this is such a time, for are ABM and predictive marketing ever hitting their stride!

For purposes here, a simple definition: [...]

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January 9, 2017

How to Improve Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

If you are working towards earning your MHA online degree, then it’s obvious that you are busy learning all kinds of information and skills that will help you in your job. If you plan on pursuing a career in healthcare management, then customer service will be something that you will be faced with.

Customer Service Can Be Found in all Different Settings

Your online MHA programs are meant to prepare you to enter the healthcare system in all kinds of various settings which can include hospitals, clinics, public health departments, consulting firms, and so much more. While customer service isn’t usually thought of as the top skill required, the fact of the matter is that it has a [...]

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January 9, 2017

Should Criminologists Study Artificial Intelligence?

The latest news points to the fact that cybercrime is quickly overtaking physical crime, and by some reports, cybercrime is now in the lead. From last year’s hack of the cheater’s website, Ashley Madison, to this year’s hack of the DNC emails that are being blamed on Russia, cybercrime is at an all-time high and it is going to get even worse by all estimates.

Not only will there be human cyber thieves and hackers, but at the rate Artificial Intelligence, AI, is growing, soon those cybercriminals will be machines and not people at all. With all of the attention being diverted to cyber criminals, it might be a very good time to earn your criminology degree online. Who knows, you [...]

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December 22, 2016

[re]CodeCommerce & #InclusionSV: time to team up

As we near the end of this god-forsaken year entitled 2016, there is certainly a lot to reflect on (or retract from depending on your disposition). This month has felt pretty surreal if not 100% in-conflict coming off last. I mean how is one supposed to feel merry with cheer given the defacement that is now set to be in control of America, not to mention all the other horrible developments around the globe? Santa is 100% happy he lives in the non-nationalized North Pole, except of course all his polar bear friends are dying from starvation due to climate change. There is that. Nonetheless (or perhaps despite the lessening), the two events in about as many weeks that caught my [...]

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December 22, 2016

5 Charts That Sum Up What It’s Like To Achieve Career Success

How do you define success? Sounds like something you’ll hear at a beauty pageant, right? You can quote the greatest men in history or the most iconic pop stars. Or you can make your own and find the words happiness, contentment, riches, influence to fit perfectly.

But how do you write it down on paper? Once you think you have achieved career success, you can’t simply reduce it to a nice quote. The fact is you must have something to show for it. You can’t expect people to just take your word for it. There are important figures to help you gauge success, or failure. You can always argue how happiness is the key to career success or how a sense of fulfillment defines success, but [...]

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November 14, 2016

Penetration Testing 101 for fintechs

Penetration testing of Internet-facing fintech applications is an essential necessity in the age of online competitors and cybercrime. Penetration testing gives you the independent assurance that all the hard work you have invested in designing and implementing secure infrastructure or applications has paid off and your product won’t fall apart when subjected to malicious activity – as eventually it will be. Deciding on the specific type and scope of penetration testing however is not straightforward. Here is a basic introduction to assist with informed decision-making. Web application penetration testing Penetration testing of Web applications involves identification of [...]

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November 4, 2016

Tech Inclusion: the Diversity of an Open Mind

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was born out of an Exhibition intent on demonstrating that San Francisco had rebuilt itself. So the fact this year’s Tech Inclusion conference was held in the neighboring Innovation Hangar (previously the Exploratorium) is quite appropriate. In a sense, the goal here is to rebuild SF’s crown jewel: Tech. Young and not so young white guys hold a majority stake at present, but in the years to come, it seems to me that the tech sector is going to incur some well-deserved growing pains of a different variety. We’re not talking 4-5x the national GDP growth rate, no, this is something more like [...]

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November 4, 2016

Poverty amidst prosperity: How can design and tech improve financial inclusion?

What’s the problem?

Over half of the U.S. population is struggling financially. And in the UK, roughly 20% of the population doesn’t have enough savings to survive one month if their wages were to drop by just 25%. This is the reality in two of the world’s healthiest economies.

The unpredictability of income is increasing. More people are experiencing multiple forms of income; self-employment has been increasing since 2008. People move in and out of financial inclusion at different times, depending on life circumstances.

Conmen, complexity and confusion

Too many people are being slighted by mainstream services that weren’t designed for them.

The [...]

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October 28, 2016

Innovation, Revolution and Deposition: Why fintech is facing an existential crisis

Banks have always been portals performing a variety of jobs that all revolve around money. Whether that is managing, tracking, exchanging or spending your money, banks have always been a consolidated resource for performing a number of functions. When you look at the raft of fintech companies, it becomes clear that there are better ways to do some of those jobs. Banking services are being cherry-picked, one by one, to be digitised, refined and improved.

At the same time, consumers are demanding user-friendly, flexible and personal solutions for their money management, but surely won’t stand for traversing dozens of different apps to get it. The question, then, is what will [...]

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September 26, 2016

Minority Report: #SOCAP16

Impact investing, race relations, practiced inclusion, social capital.  While my first piece on SOCAP came from a more tactical topic (they invited me to startup pitches, I was grateful to attend), this piece came from a much larger issue consuming minds these days, both in tech and in the nation at large: racism, sexism, and discrimination in all forms. In fact, my interest when registering for SOCAP was chiefly two-fold: 1) impact investing 2) impacting culture. That is to say, attendance was tied to this issue that shows itself relentlessly in the United States, in its cities with bullets, in its companies with comfortable stereotypes, and sadly even in its presidential politics. [...]

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