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The big secret of undertaking a successful trial for a brand – CHARGE FOR IT!
Level39: 217 really interesting stories to tell #3
Making Roads Safer and smarter
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Triporia: A new era of online hotel comparison?
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The True Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace
The big secret of undertaking a successful trial for a brand – CHARGE FOR IT!
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May 19, 2016

The big secret of undertaking a successful trial for a brand – CHARGE FOR IT!

At Tech2Brand my main aim is to help start-ups to get work with a brand – sounds simple, if only that was the case!

Getting in front of a Marketing Manager is one thing, but getting them to agree to work with you is another.

One key question that comes up before a final ‘yes’ is confirmed is ‘how much would it cost?’ With the future smell of success and a credible case study in mind, more and more start-ups still seem to be adopting the ‘free trial’ strategy. The rationale being that a free trial will get you a valuable ‘foot in the door’ and will hopefully (if the trial proves successful) lead to a longer term ‘paid’ arrangement in the future.

Does this rationale stack [...]

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May 18, 2016

Level39: 217 really interesting stories to tell #3

Company: ET Index Founder: Sam Gill

Can you explain what it is please, what your company does, I see from your website it relates to carbon credits, is that right? Not exactly. Carbon credits are allowances that companies are given to pollute under schemes such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. If a company has surplus credits they can be sold on the market. Sadly, one of the biggest problems with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is that companies lobbied very hard for the system to have too many credits, so it doesn’t really do its job of cutting emissions. Luckily other schemes that are popping up all around the world are [...]

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May 17, 2016

Making Roads Safer and smarter

Let’s face it, the streets of London can be a nightmare. Whichever vehicle you are driving, every day you have to face the traffic, the dangers and the regulations imposed. You can’t change them entirely – London wouldn’t be London without its screaming cabbies – but brilliant ideas like those of Fusion Processing and PIE Mapping could drastically improve the safety of road users.

Cycle Eye is Fusion Processing’s answer to the 14 cyclists killed on average every year in London by trucks or buses. It’s a small device that uses radar and a low light camera to identify cyclists close to the vehicle. Once attached to the side of the truck or bus, it provides a warning alert to the driver [...]

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May 12, 2016

Digital Business Academy

Our mission is to give everyone in the UK the opportunity to gain the skills they need to start, run or join a digital business.

Digital Business Academy has been created by Tech City UK in partnership with leading educational institutions and businesses, to give you the business skills you need to succeed in a digital world.

It is comprised of 11 courses from industry experts, and is open to any resident in the UK. The courses are free of charge and completion of them allows learners to apply for a wide range of rewards, from free co-working space, to one-to-one mentoring sessions from established entrepreneurs.

Find out more and start your first course [...]

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May 9, 2016

Triporia: A new era of online hotel comparison?

Following recent coverage from Tnooz, we caught up with UK-based hotel comparison startupTriporia…

Triporia might seem like just another travel site that does the same as all the others, but after further inspection it’s actually so much more than that.

There are similarities to the big names in the industry like Booking.com and Trivago, in the sense that the primary purpose of the site is to provide its users with the best accommodation rates for the dates selected as quickly as possible.

How does it differ?

If you’ve ever booked a hotel without knowing much, if anything, about your destination, you’ll know that there’s a 50/50 chance of finding yourself in [...]

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May 6, 2016

Income& Presents PRIMOTM as Finalists of the High-Profile PitchIt Competition at LendIt USA 2016

Investment platform showcases new approach to redefine the fixed income marketplace

Income&, a marketplace investment platform based in San Francisco, was one of the eight finalists at the high-profile PitchIt @ LendIt USA 2016 that took place on April 11-12 in San Francisco, CA.

PitchIt provides a stage for startups in the lending space to showcase their products and services in front of a live audience and an elite panel of judges on the conference’s main stage. The 2016 panel included: Frank Rotman, QED Investors; David Weiden, Khosla Ventures; Nick Shalek, Ribbit Capital; and [...]

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May 5, 2016

Repairly: phone and tablet repairs that come to you

This is that moment. That moment when your phone has a nervous breakdown and decides to leave you alone. That moment when you realise you have to find someone who can repair it. That moment when you realise you’re freaking busy but you have to take your afternoon to go to Whitechapel or further to repair your phone. That moment. When you realise how annoyed you are… 

But wait, there’s some good news, and it’s called Repairly. 

Founded by two cool Uni classmates, Fraser Williams and Tom Young, this ‘white glove’ sexy and cool service comes to you to pick up your phone-tablet-laptop and bring it back within two hours, all brand new. The idea behind it is simple: make [...]

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May 3, 2016

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app helping blind people in their everyday life. Through video contact, a blind person can ask a volunteer to help him in his daily basis, from knowing an expiry date to navigating new surroundings. 

“Be My Eyes is connecting people like Uber or AirBnB. It’s a service that connects someone in need and someone willing to help” says the founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, himself reached with blindness.

After several years of intense work, the concept won an innovative project award and been outsourced from Denmark to San Francisco to be part of the research program of the Silicon Valley University. The app has become global in 2015 and already counts 25 000 blind [...]

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April 27, 2016

6 Ways to Enhance your Fintech valuation

This is a continuation from our last article on Fintech valuation in the previous edition. In this article, I explore the drivers of valuation and strategies you can use to significantly enhance the valuation of your Fintech venture, regardless of whether this is a start-up, a venture that is already growing fast or a corporate initiative to venture down the Fintech path.

Valuations matter, because it will determine how much of your company you give away to an angel investor or a private equity firm during a fund raising round. It will matter hugely when one day you decide to sell the business or be acquired by a larger [...]

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April 20, 2016

Emergence of the secondary market

Asset Match is the only company in the UK currently offering this service. Themselves a startup, founded in 2012 and even having completed their own fundraise on a crowd platform.

In a nutshell, AssetMatch provides an auction-based marketplace where buyers and sellers can place their share offer, and when the auction closes, the match price, the average price, between what sellers want and what buyers want, is achieved, and then ALL the deals are done at that match price.

It’s a clever, simple, and correct way to achieve a true valuation for shares, and it enables individual [...]

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