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Fintech companies – over valued? Maybe not.
The Internet of Things
There is something about Mondo
Time for the Banks to choose their strategic partners or get left behind?
Fintech for Financial Inclusion
Fintech companies – over valued? Maybe not.
Is Rolling Forecasting Right For My Business?
Synechron Digital Innovation Centre opens in London
Capital One unveils tech start-up accelerator
The Goop Phenomenon: Does Integrity in Business Matter Anymore?
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June 22, 2016

Fintech companies – over valued? Maybe not.

There’s always a conversation to be had around company valuations, either they’re too high, or there’s not enough of them, or someone just made Unicorn status, or Unicorpse status, it’s a background chatter.

But fintechs are different. And here’s why. Nowadays, the valuation of fintech companies isn’t so much dependent on their economic valuation, revenue or profitability. Their valuation is based on the probability of future higher valuations and ultimately liquidity for the investors. A quick reminder of where the exit doors are located.

Management Buyout: Probability – Zero to very low. IPO: Probability – [...]

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June 17, 2016

The Internet of Things

Behind the hype is it just devices creating more data that will be under-utilised? 

With massive investments and staggering predictions about the Internet of Things “IoT” (Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020), loan management software provider, Nostrum Group has looked at what the IoT is (and what it isn’t) and some of its applications.

The major growth in the wearables market or the evolution of smart homes is now shining a spotlight on the IoT with sensors becoming smaller and cheaper. Consider the potential of a washing machine that monitors its own performance and can transmit that data back to the manufacturer or can set [...]

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June 17, 2016

There is something about Mondo

Tom leads me into his office. It’s a cupboard with a plastic table, and a chair patched with green ducting tape. The contents of the office, in terms of desks, furniture, fittings, is worth less than nothing. This is not a typical bank. In fact, Mondo is not yet a bank, but it soon will be. If there is a real challenger, I am sitting on a plastic chair in its office. 

Why did you decide to create a bank?

“Because I hate my bank.” I ask which one, he says that’s not the point, they’re all as bad as each other. This helps explain why people don’t change banks. It’s not because they’re all super satisfied, it’s because there’s no real difference between them.

“In [...]

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June 15, 2016

Time for the Banks to choose their strategic partners or get left behind?

Every action has risk, and banks are traditionally averse to risk, and therefore have been relatively slow to adopt new technologies, new practices, and new markets. This risk averse / change resistant position is the entire reason why fintech has emerged as a distinct sector, and why fintech challengers have been able to take major slices out of the banks’ core services. Money transfer, business lending, factoring, already heavily targeted by fintechs, next in line are mortgages, insurance services, and inevitably, consumer lending, already nibbled at by P2P systems.

The most imminent risk for [...]

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June 13, 2016

Fintech for Financial Inclusion

With the right digital partner, banks can boost financial inclusion using financial literacy tools, innovative credit scoring and biometrics

Even today, millions of UK citizens cannot access mainstream financial services. Meanwhile, financial institutions are missing out on a corresponding number of opportunities to rebuild trust and confidence in the market, refresh and grow their customer base, create prolific new markets, and develop sustainable demand for a new generation of products and services. Digital technologies are playing a fundamental role in addressing financial inclusion. They improve the accessibility, affordability and attractiveness [...]

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June 8, 2016

Why fight for an undeveloped market while a primed one waits in the wings?

DesignMyNight have focused on the pre-order market to launch a multi-million pound hospitality fintech solution

Two years ago, after 15 months development, Collins, arguably the first booking and enquiry management software developed solely for the bar and casual dining sector, was launched in the UK. Eight hundred clients later – including huge national chains such as Fuller’s and Youngs, the best independent places such as Callooh Callay, Nightjar, Purl, and everything in between – Collins has disrupted the UK hospitality industry.

At DesignMyNight, when we create products for the hospitality industry, we really do [...]

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June 3, 2016

Ubeeqo, a car just when you need it

Ubeeqo is the new travel solutions app/website providing all your transport needs within one unique app

Ubeeqo was founded in 2008 in Paris, with one big idea: how can we change the urban car environment? For the last 60 years, the car has given us so much freedom. Except now, that freedom has turned into a very expensive jail. You park, you pay. You’re stuck in traffic, you pay. You drive, you pay. You don’t drive, you still pay. And 95% of the time you don’t use your car. Our aim at Ubeeqo is to bring in qualitative alternatives to car ownership. It is time to free people from their expensive cars and trade owning for just using a car.

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June 2, 2016

Winnow: tech against waste

In our previous edition, we mentioned the problem of food waste by introducing Olio, the food exchange app that encourages people to share food they don’t want instead of throwing it away. 

Today, this issue has raised awareness in all industries and some tech companies, like Winnow, decided to tackle the problem at the source: invading the hospitality sector. 

Working with big names clients, hotels, restaurants and catering companies,  Co-founder and CEO Marc Zornes Thanks’ aim is to help the hospitality industry tackle avoidable food waste by connecting the kitchen to empower chefs to run a more efficient [...]

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May 31, 2016

Community Interest Company (CIC) – do you want your startup to benefit the community you live in?

A CIC is suitable for those considering creating a startup as a social enterprise. The essential feature of a CIC is that its activities are carried on for the benefit of the community. 

So if you want your start up to benefit some part of your local community but do not want to go to the expense or the administrative hassle of achieving charitable status, then this may be the company for you. CICs also provide more flexibility than charities.

CICs are primarily intended to use their assets, income and profits for the benefit of the community they are formed to serve. They must therefore embrace some special features, as set out below.

Special Features

A community [...]
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May 19, 2016

The big secret of undertaking a successful trial for a brand – CHARGE FOR IT!

At Tech2Brand my main aim is to help start-ups to get work with a brand – sounds simple, if only that was the case!

Getting in front of a Marketing Manager is one thing, but getting them to agree to work with you is another.

One key question that comes up before a final ‘yes’ is confirmed is ‘how much would it cost?’ With the future smell of success and a credible case study in mind, more and more start-ups still seem to be adopting the ‘free trial’ strategy. The rationale being that a free trial will get you a valuable ‘foot in the door’ and will hopefully (if the trial proves successful) lead to a longer term ‘paid’ arrangement in the future.

Does this rationale stack [...]

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