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January 14, 2013

There Goes CNET's Credibility

[dropcap1]O[/dropcap1]n Friday, the news broke that CNET had been forced by its parent company CBS to remove the Dish Network’s Hopper set-top box from its “Best of CES” awards due to ongoing litigation between the two companies. CBS has been battling Dish Network over the Hopper’s ability to skip over commercials automatically (NBC, ABC, and Fox are also taking legal action).

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November 5, 2012

CBS Signs Licensing Agreement With Hulu For Over 2,600 Episodes

CBS has always been the odd network out when it comes to Hulu. But that’s finally about to change with a deal announced today bringing more than 2,600 episodes of CBS programming to Hulu Plus starting in January. Both modern shows (like CSI: Miami) and classics (such as Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and I Love Lucy) are included in the agreement, and CBS has also promised to offer certain episodes through the free, ad-supported Hulu.com on a rotating basis.

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July 26, 2010

If You're Gonna Make A Commercial, Don't Make It Suck

Someone has to say it.  The commercials from AllGood Home Improvement (you’ve seen them — those annoying “We’ll save you a LOT of money!” ads on CBS) are absolutely horrible.  If startups had a “DO NOT” guide for TV marketing, this would be on it.

One of the key elements of a good commercial is memorability.  Well, I’ll admit this thing is as memorable as hell, but for the longest time, I had no idea what it was attempting to advertise (in fact, I only found out when I decided to write this article).  But it was memorable.  And yet I still want to shoot myself every time I see it.  

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