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to Infinity and Beyond (or at least San Jose)
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May 25, 2017

to Infinity and Beyond (or at least San Jose)

Women in Engineering, International Leadership Conference

Anyone who knows me, knows that leaving the City on any given weekday is NOT something I’m exactly enthusiastic about. That commute, be it by car or Caltrain, leaves a lot to be desired these days. So to make the trek down on the Peninsula to attend a seemingly off-demographic conference being put on by an engineering acronym you’ve never heard of … may seem a little odd [#fairenough]. In this case though it was most certainly warranted, and I hope next year in its 5th, the Women in Engineering, International Leadership Conference (#WIELEAD) invites me to return.

The [...]

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August 25, 2016

Student entrepreneurs: Green Trade Solutions

Jairon Francisco, CEO Green Trade Solutions, currently studying Engineering Projects and Systems Management MSc at Kingston University

What is your business in a few words? We assist coffee farmers in making their coffee production process more efficient and environmentally friendly, enhancing and improving the quality of the product using novel biotechnology techniques. This is a sustainable idea that requires relatively low investment and is easy to implement.

How did it all begin? I opened my coffee processing business in Dominican Republic two years ago. But I noticed the coffee farms’ production was decreasing and this was a worldwide issue due to Climate Change. I [...]

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