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July 20, 2016

Reimagining Insurance

Innovative Fintech companies are disrupting the value chain, and creating whole new ways of buying, assessing, recommending and using insurance.

Felix Anthonj, CEO of insurance communications platform experto, says: “The new entrants have noticed that the insurance industry has slept for the past decade and basically no innovation has happened. The insurance companies haven’t reacted to the changing customer needs, they have lost the connection to them, acting too greedily and as if they’re immune to disruption. They neglected the underlying principal of a business:

Beyond Black Boxes 

Insurance is [...]

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June 27, 2016

Why disrupting insurance is hard and too few entrepreneurs are addressing the real problem

The insurance industry has been ripe for disruption for years and yet a quick walk around Leadenhall market where brokers bustle about with paper files under their arms reveals nothing has changed in decades.

Why is this?

From one perspective it’s very simple to answer: every player in the insurance market has been enjoying 10-20% net margins for over a century, so why would they want that to change? Lloyds of London tried bringing into their organisation technology innovation with Kinnect in 2002 but after £70m investment and 5 years, it was shut down. Hence, until the rise of fintech, insurance companies felt very [...]

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