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March 30, 2018

Natural Affinity: TrailheaDX

Salesforce expanded the ‘National Park, Natural Beauty’ theme even further this year at its developer conference TrailheaDX. At first take, I can hear the skeptics: ‘technology and nature are opposites, who is Salesforce kidding by blanketing its platforms, cloud products, apps, and developers with a ‘feel good’ gimmick suggesting otherwise?’ And while I can hear that argument at face value, I would suggest that soon enough, if one looks into the body of evidence that literally surrounds us, software and other information technologies WILL be quite natural on Planet Earth. It’s already in the clouds is it not? I think it’s also in the [...]

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May 22, 2015

Microsoft Reportedly Tried To Buy Salesforce For $55 Billion

Microsoft came close to making one of the biggest acquisitions in tech history earlier this spring.

Talks between Microsoft and Salesforce got serious when Microsoft offered to buy the cloud-computing company for $55 billion, according to CNBC. But Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff wanted as much as $70 billion. The talks reportedly fell through as a result of cost roadblocks.

Salesforce has a market valuation of more than $49 billion. Microsoft has more than $95 billion in cash and cash-equivalents.

Rumors of acquisition talks between the two companies first surfaced last month. Both Microsoft and Salesforce have declined to comment.

Had Microsoft acquired [...]

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