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How Startups Are Transforming Retail
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August 16, 2016

Student Entrepreneurs: MindMate

Every day is a school day.

We started MindMate one year ago while all four of us were still students. It changed everything. Suddenly, we had a vision that went way beyond the dissertation deadline and that inspired us more than any “regular” job ever could.

We spend every free minute with building the business and although it was hard, the initial effort definitely made the difference.

Dissertation, what? MindMate was just more important than our degree and what started as “Uni work first.” turned into “Dissertation work awaits after all the work on MindMate is done.“

Is this your university project? Young entrepreneurs are often [...]

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August 13, 2016

London Taxi War 2016

The battle to win the hearts, minds – and pockets – of modern commuters when it comes to their preferred taxi booking service seems no closer to ending, so what does the future hold for the UK taxi market? 

Jonathan Kettle, founder of Taxicode provides his views on what will happen next in what he describes as the ‘great taxi war’. 

When the swords are drawn, who will break first? Do you know something, the irony is that the first victims of Uber’s rapid expansion won’t be taxis or minicabs; it will be Hailo or Gett, or maybe even both. Looking at the information available in the public arena it would seem that Hailo and Gett’s UK loses have increased somewhat and [...]

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June 27, 2016

Why disrupting insurance is hard and too few entrepreneurs are addressing the real problem

The insurance industry has been ripe for disruption for years and yet a quick walk around Leadenhall market where brokers bustle about with paper files under their arms reveals nothing has changed in decades.

Why is this?

From one perspective it’s very simple to answer: every player in the insurance market has been enjoying 10-20% net margins for over a century, so why would they want that to change? Lloyds of London tried bringing into their organisation technology innovation with Kinnect in 2002 but after £70m investment and 5 years, it was shut down. Hence, until the rise of fintech, insurance companies felt very [...]

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May 23, 2016

Co-living fintech house opens in Greenwich

StartupHome, the first co-living for young entrepreneurs in London, was co-founded by two mentors of Level 39, and is currently divided in two chapters: StartupHome in Whitechapel and StartupHome Greenwich dedicated to Fintech.

“It was important to have the Fintech home as close as possible to Canary Wharf where Level39 resides.” Tells Stefano Tresca, one of the founders.

“We’ve been looking for the best houses in the best locations. Take StartupHome in Whitechapel for example. It is literally 7 minutes slow walking from Second Home in Brick Lane and 20 minutes from the Google [...]

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May 5, 2016

Repairly: phone and tablet repairs that come to you

This is that moment. That moment when your phone has a nervous breakdown and decides to leave you alone. That moment when you realise you have to find someone who can repair it. That moment when you realise you’re freaking busy but you have to take your afternoon to go to Whitechapel or further to repair your phone. That moment. When you realise how annoyed you are… 

But wait, there’s some good news, and it’s called Repairly. 

Founded by two cool Uni classmates, Fraser Williams and Tom Young, this ‘white glove’ sexy and cool service comes to you to pick up your phone-tablet-laptop and bring it back within two hours, all brand new. The idea behind it is simple: make [...]

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May 3, 2016

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app helping blind people in their everyday life. Through video contact, a blind person can ask a volunteer to help him in his daily basis, from knowing an expiry date to navigating new surroundings. 

“Be My Eyes is connecting people like Uber or AirBnB. It’s a service that connects someone in need and someone willing to help” says the founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, himself reached with blindness.

After several years of intense work, the concept won an innovative project award and been outsourced from Denmark to San Francisco to be part of the research program of the Silicon Valley University. The app has become global in 2015 and already counts 25 000 blind [...]

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April 7, 2016

Taking Stock: time for a legal MOT?

Anniversaries are a good time to take stock of progress. So on the anniversary of the first edition of Disrupts, why not carry out a legal health check on your start-up. It is not always easy to stand back from the daily demand of the business and adopt a more bird’s eye view of all of those things that are important but never quite get to the top of the to-do list. 

So, we have set out below some critical issues you may want to consider:

(1) Shareholders’ agreement These agreements anticipate certain possible key changes and provide reasonable solutions which protect the legitimate rights of all shareholders and make less likely future damaging disputes between them. Some of [...]

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April 5, 2016

Living in Edinburgh, working in tech

We love London, we really do. Only when we find ourselves being 28 years old with a great career and still sharing a flat with 3 other (not very tidy) people, stuck on the tube for 2 hours daily, working way too hard, feeling really tired and not having time for anything fun… that’s when we understand what level of living actually means. And also that there must be better places for that.

Edinburgh is the one. The Level of Living Capital, it is also a second largest financial centre in the UK, extremely startup friendly and has almost London level of salaries with everything else significantly cheaper. It is also compact and charming and full of history and [...]

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April 4, 2016

6 rules that will ensure business success at your company’s next birthday

Birthdays are a really good time to reflect, to look back, to capture learnings and to start to plan towards future success.

Reflecting back over my first 2 years as an entrepreneur, I personally have learnt some key lessons. Please find listed below, my 6 key tips to success as your own boss:

Have a daily routine and stick to it…. Having a daily routine is very important. For me, my daily routine ensures that I always spend time doing the right things at the right time everyday. Do you have a certain time of the day when you read emails, look on Twitter, check the bank balance – maybe you do, maybe you don’t, maybe you should?

Remove your foot from the pedal Nothing is [...]

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