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September 17, 2015

Periscope Introduces Web Profiles

Periscope today announced that it has added Web-based profiles for its streaming service.

Now, you can view broadcasters’ profiles and recent broadcasts in a browser by simply going to periscope.tv/username.

“We think it’s really important for broadcasters to have a home on the Web, and today’s launch is just the beginning,” Periscope wrote in a blog post.

Periscope launched mobile-first six months ago, but after passing 10 million users, the Twitter-owned company wanted to make it easier for desktop users to view broadcasts.

Broadcasting can still only be done from the mobile app.

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July 8, 2015

How To Plan The Perfect Social Media Strategy

There’s something exciting about going on a road trip. You get to see new and exciting places and have a memorable experience along the way. Of course, an enjoyable experience is preferred to one filled with flat tires, wrong turns, and a lack of gas money. Your social media strategy is no different.

When you think of the perfect social media strategy, you might imagine A-level content, an enthusiastic following, stellar conversion numbers and a viral reputation. That’s a great end game, but without the proper planning, you’re more likely to end up stranded on the side of the road than stumbling backward into your ideal result.

Here are [...]

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June 27, 2015

The Beauty Of Twitter Search

Even with so many other options out there, Twitter is still my favorite social platform. It’s the town square of social media—everything is public, so you can drop in and out of conversations that are already happening (without being creepy).

One of my favorite Twitter features is the search function, which I’ve used to start hundreds of interesting conversations and meet tons of cool people. You can search for tweets and discussions about anything you’re interested in and chime in—making new connections along the way.

I’m interested in startups, so one Twitter search I have saved is this:

startup OR startups -http

The [...]

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March 2, 2015

Twitter Blocks Meerkat’s Auto-Tweet Feature, Potentially Stopping Its Rapid Growth

Following a surge of viral growth, it appears that live video streaming service Meerkat has been handicapped by Twitter.

Hi @dickc! today @ 6:30am @twitter blocked all outgoing tweets posted via @appmeerkat even though we work well within the Api -any idea why?

— Ben Rubin (@benrbn) March 2, 2015

Meerkat allows users to share live video feeds on Twitter. When a stream goes live, it shows up in followers’ Twitter feeds. After it ends, it can’t be replayed. The app pulls in tweets as native comments.

As of today, however, the Meerkat app is no longer tweeting out new streams or comments. These features are what set Meerkat apart from [...]

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January 1, 2015

Is It Time To Stop Marketing On Facebook?

When it comes to Facebook, many users are singing the popular Clash song from the eighties, should I stay or should I go? This topic has become a hot-button issue since recent reports have shown an overall decline in Facebook user growth and in October of 2014, Mr. Zuckerberg got a spanking on Wall Street when his stock dropped by 9.7% in some after hours trading.

Some blame these decreases in numbers on their purchase of WhatsApp for $22 billion, when figures were later released showing this acquisition only garnered earnings of $15 million during the first half of 2014 despite having 600 million users.

With their overall growth on the decline, more adolescent [...]

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December 2, 2014

Twitter Improves Blocking And Reporting Functionality

Twitter has announced an update that will make it easier for users to report abusive tweets on the service.

Instead of having to fill out a long form to file a complaint, you can now report users with just a few quick steps. In the menu of an individual tweet, you have the option to block the user or file a report for that particular tweet, after which you’ll be asked to select from a list of reasons for doing so.

These changes will make it easier to report abuse as you witness it, even if you aren’t the victim of the abuse.

The company has also updated the way the platform deals with blocked users. It’s now easier to tell which accounts [...]

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October 20, 2014

VentureBreak Weekly #58: Productive Playground

Mission Playground, Facebook Safety Check, Twitter Audio Cards, Microsoft Wearable, Gmail 5.0, Monica Lewinsky, AMPY, PillPack, and productivity tips.

Panel: Brad Merrill, Will Reynolds Young

Show Notes Mission Playground Shows it’s Time for a Change at Rec and Park Facebook ‘Safety Check’ Will Help You Tell Friends And Family You’re Safe During Natural Disasters Twitter Introduces ‘Audio Cards’ To Add Music To Your Timeline Microsoft To Launch A Fitness-Focused Wearable In The Next Few Weeks Gmail 5.0 For Android May Handle All Your Email Accounts In One App A sampling of tweets Monica Lewinsky has received since joining Twitter Power Your Devices With Your [...]
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October 17, 2014

Twitter Introduces 'Audio Cards' To Add Music To Your Timeline

Twitter has announced that it is adding a new type of card to your timeline—the Audio Card. The new feature will allow users to stream music and podcasts directly from their timelines on both Android and iOS devices.

You can dock the cards to continue listening as you browse Twitter, much like the experience on SoundCloud—which happens to be Twitter’s first streaming partner for Audio Cards.

The company’s second partner is iTunes. Now when artists share their tracks on Twitter, you’ll be able to order from iTunes with a couple of taps.

At first, Audio Cards will only be available to a select group of partners, including the White House, NASA, [...]

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September 30, 2014

VentureBreak Weekly #57: Ello Selfie Drone

Ello, why you should always read the TOS, Amazon’s Twitch acquisition, the Jimmy John’s hack, a wearable selfie drone, verified Twitter accounts, and more.

Panel: Brad Merrill, Will Reynolds Young

Show Notes Ello Opinion: Facebook killer called Ello gets the timing right Why You Should Read The TOS: Londoners Sign Away First Born Child For Free WiFi Sam Pepper Amazon’s Twitch Acquisition Is Now Complete Hackers Hit Jimmy John’s, Steal Credit Card Information From 216 Stores Report: iPhone 6 Costs $200 To Build This Wearable Drone Launches Off Your Wrist To Take Selfies For You Twitter CEO Finally Gets a Verified Account on Twitter App of the week: [...]
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September 8, 2014

Twitter Tests A 'Buy' Button For Tweets On Mobile

Twitter is introducing a seamless new e-commerce experience on mobile. For a small portion of U.S. users, some tweets from Twitter’s test partners will feature a “Buy” button, allowing you to purchase products directly from the tweet.

This is a huge move on Twitter’s part—one that underscores its drive to monetize its service. Twitter has partnered with Fancy, Stripe, Gumroad, and Musictoday to launch this system.

This feature is just a test for now, but the company says it will offer the service to additional partners in the future. Partners for this initial rollout include (RED), Burberry, The Home Depot, Pharell, Eminem, and [...]

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