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June 22, 2016

Fintech companies – over valued? Maybe not.

There’s always a conversation to be had around company valuations, either they’re too high, or there’s not enough of them, or someone just made Unicorn status, or Unicorpse status, it’s a background chatter.

But fintechs are different. And here’s why. Nowadays, the valuation of fintech companies isn’t so much dependent on their economic valuation, revenue or profitability. Their valuation is based on the probability of future higher valuations and ultimately liquidity for the investors. A quick reminder of where the exit doors are located.

Management Buyout: Probability – Zero to very low. IPO: Probability – [...]

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April 27, 2016

6 Ways to Enhance your Fintech valuation

This is a continuation from our last article on Fintech valuation in the previous edition. In this article, I explore the drivers of valuation and strategies you can use to significantly enhance the valuation of your Fintech venture, regardless of whether this is a start-up, a venture that is already growing fast or a corporate initiative to venture down the Fintech path.

Valuations matter, because it will determine how much of your company you give away to an angel investor or a private equity firm during a fund raising round. It will matter hugely when one day you decide to sell the business or be acquired by a larger [...]

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